August 31, 2022

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  • I used to think that Wednesdays were one of my favorite days becuase we are all here at home during the day. However, all of us being here does kind of make things a bit crazy. For example, the big boys just seem to lose their ever loving minds and have themselves a big old time during school. 
  • This is fine for them becuase they are able to finish their school work on their own. However, their little brother can not finish their school work on his own or can he undistract himself when he becomes distracted. I just want to know the big boys upside the head on Wednesdays, but other than that homeschooling is going just splendidly. 
  • There has been a lot of basketball playing these days. Plus the girls have been running on the treadmill every day as well. All of that along with the quilt making that has been happening, and we stay pretty busy in the afternoon.
  • Robby, Cambpell, Keaton and I did run to the store for a little bit this afternoon. We bought a few things along with some candy for Halloween. We are already starting to stock up. And speaking of the store, why is it that I always forget things from the store or when we get home there are 5 things that we add to the list.
  • Soon it was time for me to take the big boys to church for a football ref meeting. While they were there I ran to the library. As I was leaving, 2 librarians chased me to my car. Well, kind of. They said that I had left money in my library book. I am sure that I looked at them like they were crazy, but apparently it really was our 2 dollars. I told them that if someone asked for it, then I would return it. They were sure that it was from my book. I did ask Robby who did remember that he had been using those two dollars as his bookmarks. So not only did I leave the library with new books, I also left with some cash.
  • Robby brought the other crew the church. He stayed with us-more kids tonight in my class than we have on Sunday mornings. It is crazy, but good. Reagan went to ChickFilA on the way home, but was home after just a bit. 
  • The rest of us took a while to work on our suppers-there were pizzas made, meatbals made, chicken strips made. It was quite a buffet this evening. All too soon, it was time for bed around here!

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