October 1, 2022

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  • I left first this morning with Anderson for Raymar. He had to be there early to set up for football-only two more Saturdays left for football this year. After dropping him off, I went to ChickFilA to pick up the breakfast order. 
  • I usually do not pick up the food but was asked to do so today. Let's see-20 sausage biscuits, 60 chicken biscuits and 60 chicken minis. I know that is a lot of food, but you would think that you would try to have an order like that correct and ready on time. Apparently, thier "chicken mini machine" wasn't working right. I may not have understood this correctly since I don't really know what a chicken mini machine would be. However, the order should have been ready at 7:45, but instead it was 8:15 when I left with the food. 
  • Soon Robby arrived at Raymar with Reagan, to help in the concession stand, Campbell, to visit with her friends, and Whitman to play on the playground. Football is nice because the day really goes by quickly.
  • And before too long, we were cleaning up and I was heading to Lakewood with Reagan for her soccer game. We did stop at Tropical Smoothie for her a little drink on the way. And since we were super early, we drove by Target to run in and potty since the field didn't have a bathroom.
  • Then on to her game. Her team won 3-1 today, and Reagan is enjoying soccer more and more. She just really loves it, and I think that she is really improving as well. Though she did hit the ball with her head a few times today-I don't like that! Ha!
  • On the way home, Robby went to pick up Keaton from her sleepover. She had a great time-they ate out, went bowling, played at the gym and even played some volleyball. On my way home with Reagan we ran into Michaels to pick up a poster board frame-she has one poster that will not stay on the walls for anything so hopefully this will help.
  • When we arrived home, everyone was gathered in the living room. The Hogs game was looking bad then, but did turn around for a few minutes, but then it soon went from bad to worse. Anderson and Robby were the only ones who watched unitl the bitter end. 
  • Afterwards, everyone started their own things-Reagan has done some school and is now watching a movie with Whitman, the big boys have showered and are on their devices, Keaton and Campbell are busy looking for things to buy on ebay, Robby has found a new camper project that he is working on and I'm trying to stay away to finish the blog.

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