October 21, 2022

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  • We slept in a little bit this morning which was very nice. Even though we did sleep a few extra minutes, we managed to do our morning walk. We didn't have to bundle up this morning which was nice. However, I didn't bundle up enough so I was a bit chilly-it probably helped me walk a bit faster though.
  • I then started on my to do list for the day. It wasn't a very exciting to do list for sure. The most exciting thing that I did today was do some coding with Whitman. He loves this-however, he can't really type very well (There are a lot of symbols in coding like {}_)( which are hard for him to find.)
  • Oh, and there were also the models of the heart that Cambpell, Keaton and Whitman made as part of our science. Science is always more fun when it involves food for sure. Well, everything is much more fun when it involves food.
  • I did run to the vet to pick up some more ear medicine for Bentley. Her ear isn't too bad, but we can already tell that she is getting another ear infection. I guess that we are just hyper aware of it which the vet probably loves since I keep popping in to buy 40 dollar medicine. But it will be good to ger her ear taken care of before the trip.
  • Reagan went off to work, and her boss gave her a hot chocolate bomb-which I am going to take from her for sure. I had been having hot chocolate every morning after our cold weather walks, but I forgot this morning and now I am too full.
  • I did finally finish my Disney shirts today-Reagan said that she just wanted a black bow on her Minnie shirt. I said that I thought that would look odd, but I let her-and after I worked my magic on it, I think that it might just be the cutest of them all.
  • Anderson spent a good deal of time working on his Legos today while Graham spent quite a bit of the day avoiding doing any school work or chores. He can get almost distracted as Whitman. 
  • Tongiht we celebrated Pops' birthday. Nonna had done some cooking-bbq, baked beans, chips, fries, fruit-it was quite a feast for sure. We enjoyed the meal. Pops had a few presents to open and then the kids, Nonna and I all played 20 Questions-it is a board game that Jason and I used to have so a few things are a bit outdated for sure!
  • Once at home, some poeple played a bit of basketball while Robby and I made a grocery list. It is quite a list-but we have quite a few busy days coming up. 

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