October 17, 2022

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  • On this Monday morning, I just wanted to lay in my bed. I guess that I was nice to the kids though since I did let them sleep for 15 more minutes this morning. This worked to my benefit becuase I walked an extra half mile. 
  • If you are interested in my running mile today-I am about 78 miles on this 17th day of October. Just about 22 miles left to go. However, I am not too sure about walking outside these next few days. It might just be a little bit chilly for me.
  • School went fairly well this morning. All the boys were chatty again-this makes me crazy. If Keaton were chatty, that would be fine becuase she manages to get her work and more done each day. Anderson and Graham seem to save everything for the end of the week. Whitman would do the same, but I don't let him.
  • This afternoon, I read science and history one more time to the three little ones to get a bit ahead. When we finished, Campbell asked me to read some more of the book that we are reading together. It was our second time to read it today, but she is just as curious about what will happen on our book as I am.
  • Anderson has spent most of the afternoon in the Lego nook. He has done some organizing plus he has re worked at least 2 sets today. Sometimes his electronics insterest him and other times they don't.
  • He did stop to help Keaton and I stuff 150 bags of candy for Halloween. Graham helped for a little bit and so did Whitman-they only helped long enough to earn a piece of candy. There has been lots of Halloween preparations happening today. Whitman has even prepared his costume today.
  • Robby made breakfast on the griddle tonight: pancakes, hashbrown patties, sausage, eggs, and eggs in the hole. It was all very good-though we all decided that we did not like the type of sausage that we bought. This was delightful for Bentley though.
  • After supper clean up, the kids all went out to play football. Reagan had a shower instead, and Campbell only played until Graham got mad at her. Then she went in-we offered for her to go on our walk instead since she joined us once in Branson; however, she declined.
  • Robby and I walked and then came in to make 2 meals of chicken enchiladas along with more Halloween prep-my milk jug ghosts are ready to go. Now, I am settling into my comfy chair, some folks are finishing up their ice cream and hopefully, we will have a bit of quietness before bed around here.

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