October 30, 2022-Halloween Camping at Maumelle

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The church was supposed to have a Harvest Fest and picnic today so we were planning on hurrying out of the campground around 10, dropping off the camper, and then rushing over to Raymar. Some of the kids were excited about it, but alas it was cancelled this morning because of the wet fields. It did kind of even things out-Reagan was disappointed about her soccer games being cancelled and now others were disappointed about the Harvest Fest being cancelled. Sometimes life is fair-everyone was disappointed.

Shhh, now don't tell, but Robby and I were not disappointed. We were out of the campground this morning pretty early. Jared was the only one out stirring, and to pick up Keaton I had to sit outside the Crafts' campter for a few minutes before she came out the door. She looked like she had just woken up though. 

Once at home, I moved the little van out of the garage, and then Keaton and I started unloading everything from the white van into the garage. We were almost done with this by the time that Robby drove up in the camper.

When the white van was empty, it switched places with the camper, and we strated unloading it. It may have taken a bit longer today since Robby and I did most of it and didn't have the kids help. Or maybe not. We seemed to do it all pretty quickly-though there were so many things to do, it was almost like we were not making any progress at times. I would work a bit inside, work a bit in the garage and then work a bit in the camper, but nothing ever seemed to be complete.

Eventually, we did have the camper clean and just a few things still spread out in the garage drying. We ran about 7 loads of clothes through the washer and dryer. There are still 2 massive loads of clothes to do tonight and fold tomorrow (that almost makes me want to cry.)

Reagan left around 2 to go and meet her soccer team. They were having a celebatory lunch at US Pizza. She has so ejoyed playing soccer this year. She charged 7 dollars on her card-I was anxious to know how she managed to just spend 7 dollars at a pizza place, so I had to ask her-a salad. She ate a salad-Robby wonders if she is his child sometimes. 

Robby and I left a bit after she did. We made a stop at Costco, Sams and Walmart. About half of the city were out shopping with us. It was absolutely insane, but we found most of what we needed-well, yes, there are things that we will have to look for tomorrow though. That is just how it is.

When we came home, it was back to to the camper with our groceries plus with the 4 bins of food that I had already packed for the trip. We found a home for all of the food which was a slight miracle. I was kind of stressed about this-for example, I have packed about 6 boxes of crackers so when you have 8 people and a dog living in a camper that is about 300 square feet, extra space is a bit hard to come by. I think the food bit will work out though. (And really I probably have enough packed for the next 2 trips)

We finished that, and then headed over to the Wilson's house for supper. We had leftovers-all kinds of leftovers, and everyone left full. My Campbell, Anderson and Graham went with Brett for shakes after church tonight so they were especially full. 

We came home a bit early since I was falling asleep on the couch. We put away the last few things that had been wet, and then headed inside for some quick cleanind and to get ready for school tomorrow. Now for a shower for me and then bed!

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