October 22, 2022

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  • Bentley did not get the memo that it was Saturday morning. I didn't have to explain it to the kids since every day is Saturday to them. However, the dog was up at 7:30 wanting to get out of her kennel. 
  • When she does this; she usually paces by the door until we let her out to go look our her window in the living room. Of course I also have to go to the living room to open the blinds so she can see out. Today though we weren't getting out of bed to do this-so we coaxed her into her bed. And once she settled down, she did lay back down-but she put her head on my neck. I like Bentley and all, but she is an animal so that made me a little bit uncomfortable.
  • She didn't stay in the bed too much longer though so I didn't have to fear for my life to long. I didn't stay in the bed too much longer either. Robby and I took a walk this morning-he is trying to help me get to that 100 mark. 
  • Then we loaded up and did some shopping: Walmart and Kroger. Plus we did drive to Maumelle Park to see our spot that we are camping in next week. We took a little walk around there as well-it was a beautiful day.
  • Back home just as the kids were leaving for Rock Creek. Campbell, Anderson and Graham spent the day there. They had tons of games and food so they had the best time. 
  • Keaton, Whitman and I played a game of Catan. I did win, but we weren't sure if we played the game too correctly. We needed Anderson there to remind of us the rules. 
  • After playing, Sophia came to hang out with Keaton so we loaded them up and took them to Sams and On the Border. Our suppers were good, and I think that On the Border is one of our favorites.
  • Back at home, we dropped off the girls and the groceries. Then we went to the Wilsons to eat a bite of dessert and visit some. We then came home, just before the kids returned from church. People are just finishing their showers and I am frying some hamburger meat...and soon it is bedtime for this crew.

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