October 4, 2022

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  • I spent most of the day feeling relieved because Campbell was not getting married. That was my dream last night, and it felt like I dreamed about the wedding most of the night long. There was no have to in her getting married (if you catch my drift), but we were letting her get married when she was 14. I don't think that I really liked the groom because at the end of the end of my dream I was telling the groom off. 
  • I do remember crying during the wedding. However, it wasn't becuase Campbell was getting married. It was because I didn't wear a dress. I was in my church jeans and a ceam sweater. The sweater was really cute, but I knew it wasn't fit for my daughters wedding. I kept thinking "and I have a blue dress hanging in the closet at home that I could have worn." 
  • I never had any of those dreams about showing up at school or someplace else naked, but this was actually worse. Can you imagine what people would have said about me not wearing a dress? It probably would have been better to be naked at the wedding-then at least they would have thought that I was crazy and have some sympathy for me and Robby. Well, Robby, he wasn't in my dream that I remember.
  • After I calmed and checked to see that I did infact have one emergency wedding dress hanging in the closet, I started my day. Laundry and dishes all happened before my walk. Robby did meet me half way so that made my walk a bit more enjoyable.
  • Then it was time to start school with these people. Reagan, Anderson and Graham were soon headed out to Comm Central for the day. The boys were done with their class, and Robby and Campbell came to pick them up. Robby and Campbell were headed out to eat wings for their birthdays. They had intended to go near Robby's birthday, but it was pushed back a little bit.
  • Anderson was just dropped off at Raymar to paint the fields so he missed the wing stop. However, Graham was fortunate that he was along for the ride becuase he also received lunch out of the deal.
  • While they were gone, I worked on the quilt some before trying to walk on the treadmill. I couldn't get the tv to work-that used to happen quite often in the bonus room since I didn't really understand how things were working. However, I have been doing well lately so I was not pleased about this. It did take Robby to fix it later in the day-I did get my treadmill walk in then, but also had another outside walk with Bentley.
  • We had air fryer pizzas for supper tonight, and after we had finihsed eating we went to Costco and Kroger with the Wilsons. We spent most than they did at every place that we stopped-we did buy a few things for the trip and a few things that we needed at the house. 
  • Once we came home, Campbell and Keaton were making dessert pizza which was delicious. Now they are in the kitchen cleaning while I am finishing the blog. 

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