October 14, 2022-October Branson

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I knew that Robby was not in the bed this morning. This is the day that we needed to reserve our dinner reservations for Disney in December (Anderson's 16th birthday) so he had to be up early for that. I figured he was just sitting in the bathroom doing that, but he didn't come back to bed. I continued to doze until my alarm did go off, but I did know that he wasn't in bed and he did come back.

Well, he did eventually come back as my alarm was ringing. He had woken up early, did the dining reservations and then went to find us some breakfast. (Now we have a camper full of food, but a breakfast out is fun.) We had heard about a cinamon roll place near the strip, so Robby went out to find it-of course they were closed for a wedding this week. Thankfully, we know where another good cinnamon roll place is-Robby even asked for extra icing so they are super sweet and super delicious.

We were at the park at opening this morning. We had to wait on the Hobbs, but the kids all went to ride a few rides before the crowds came in the park. They were able to ride one Time Traveler and 4 rounds of Wildfire. 

But let's talk about the crowds today-oh my! There were plenty of crowds. It was the craziest I think that we have ever seen Silver Dollar City. Now, of course this made the rides a bit more tricky. But what made us sad was the food lines-seriously, the people at this park were eating all day long and that meant that I couldn't be eating all day long.

We have bought the passes again like last time-except it is hard to use them when the lines are so crazy. Now, we did get the ice cream waffle thing last night, plus 2 bbq sandwiches today (which we made into 6 since we brought in a package of buns for that reason-don't judge.), a sausage saurkraut bun along with something else that I can't remember. 

After the kids did their bit of riding, we met up with the Hobbs soon we found the Fergusons as well. Later in the day the Heltz joined the crew as well. The kids were able to ride quite a few rides despite the crowds-the lines were just a bit longer.

However, we did have one hiccup during the day. Poor Whitman didn't feel that well today. I think that he might have had fever most of the day-the boy is usually pretty sullen so it is hard to tell when he doesn't feel great. But bless, he didn't feel good. 

At one point, we were eating and he fell asleep at the table and snoozed for about an hour. I sat there with him while Robby ran to the camper to let Bentley out. The other were off riding rides other places, and Whitman just snoozed. 

He did ride a few rides today, but by around 6 he was done, and we were pretty much too-fighting the crowds all day was just a bit tiring. We came home-stopping by Taco Bell on the way home. This is Campbell's favorite restaurant by far right now. I passed out medicine to Whitman and anyone else who looked sickly.

Unfortunately, the medicine didn't set well with Whitman, but thankfully, the laundry is close by. He is currently resting well so hopefully he will sleep and feel better in the morning. Robby and I did the little bit of laundry tonight along with lots of dog walking. 

We sat outside and visited wtih the Fergies for a bit before finally going back inside for bed. It's been a pretty decent day.

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