October 27, 2022-Halloween Camping at Maumelle

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I know that today is the first day to say "Halloween Camping at Maumelle," but Robby has been Halloween camping at Maumelle since Tuesday night. He has been hanging out with the Wilsons quietely and peacefully. Today though the rest of us showed up plus 28 of our buddies (5 other families). Tomorrow will be even a bit more festive when 16 more folks arrive (3 other families). 

I woke up early this morning because there were a lot of things that needed to be done at home. I started on a few things-and had set out the ingredients to make cornbread muffins and chocolate chip cookies before waking up the kiddos.

We did our school fairly quickly today. Whitman just had to read so we were even able to do some coding which is his favorite school thing. Keaton made the cookies while I made the muffins with Whitman's help. 

I took two big pans out of the oven and then took the small pan out as well. I then decided that I should put the small pan back in the oven and picked it up. Now instead of picking it up with a pot holder, I just used my bare hand. 

Thankfully, I was able to drop them on the floor before I got burned, and thankfully the pan dropped right side up so everything was still salvageble. After cleaning the kitchen, I took a shower to wash my hair, and just about as soon as I was finished I went to pick up Graham from school.

He had tried to convince me to let him skip today, but since we will be gone soon I thought it was best he go. As soon as he walked in the door, Campbell started loading everything from our list in the car-including milk and cheese. She told me that she missed her dog and was ready to go and see Bentley.

I think they were all ready to go and see Bentley because we were in the car before I had even planned on leaving. We did stop at Sonic on the way to the campground. Graham begs for me to take him somewhere, anywhere every time he is in the car with me. So at one point I told him that I would take him to Sonic before Disney-and Disney is getting close so I thought that I better go.

Once at the campground we slowly started to unload my van. I had to bring the white van because that is just how much stuff we had. Seriously, it was packed. The kids didn't pack before Robby left so they all had their clothes and some pillows. There was a laundry basket of food as well as a basket of miscellaneous things. Plus 2 huge boxes of milk jugs (see the pics if you aren't sure what I'm talking about) and quite a few other decorations. There are also pumpkins to carve tomorrow. 

We spent a good deal of time working on the ghost milk jugs which turned out pretty cute. Campbell and Keaton were great about helping us. We even had Keaton climb up a ladder that Robby and Anderson were just holding so she could hang something up. 

I think our campground is pretty cute-and well lit up. My pet peeve is being in the dark, but we have this place lit up like a landing strip. And maybe because this is a landing strip and maybe becuase we are kind of in the middle, our place was happening last night.

For supper we had street tacos. I am not sure what we did differently but it seemed much spicier tonight. Though a little bit of spice was fine since there was definitely a chill in the air. Now, I had one more jacket, one more pair of pants, gloves and a hat setting out ready for me to put on when I did become cold tonight, but thankfully I didn't need them.

After supper, people started to show up tonight. Robby thought about making popcorn and pulled out the popcorn maker and made popcorn for all of the of kids. It took him a while to make enough to feel all of the kiddos that were hanging out at our site, but eventually they all had their fill.

We stayed outside until nearly 11-and on our last walk of the evening we heard a ton of wild animals howling. A man outside thought that they were coyotes-whatever they were: they sounded scary, Bentley even tried to jump up in Robby's arms, and our walk went much quicker after we heard that noise.

The kids are all snug in their beds with the heat going. I'm about to take myself a quick shower and then it will be bedtime for all my Dennies.

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