October 11, 2022

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  • I walked 2 miles again this morning with Robby and Bentley before school. That is handy for my cound and all, but for that to work successfully, I need to start a bit earlier than we did today. I can't blame that on Robby at all-he is getting ready for Disney and waking up earlier and earlier. I am also getting ready for Disney by sleeping later and later.
  • I read to the little 3 first this morning-we are about to finish one of our chapter books which is a good thing since I have a zillion books coming from the library tomorrow. I even have quite a few books for me-sometime I act like the library is about to close and hoarde all of the books that I can.
  • Anderson and Reagan had their presentations today while Graham had a test. They all did wonderful, I'm sure. Robby and I picked up the boys-in two different cars. Then Robby took Anderson to Raymar to paint the fields one last time. They boy has worked hard this fall for football. I took Graham home.
  • Then we were all home for a little bit before we met Reagan at Kroger. There we all received our flu shots. It took a good little while for them to figure out Keaton's insurance (the same as the rest of ours), but once they did shots were given out fairly quickly.
  • Once Reagan and I had ours, we hurried on to get her hair cut. The place we were going was about to close so we zoomed there and didn't have any problem. The others did a bit of shopping after their shots. 
  • Reagan came home for a few minutes before heading to soccer practice. They didn't have many folks there tonight so they finished early. Meanwhile the Hobbs came over and their boys and Whitman went to see a movie. My big boys stayed home and hung out in their room.
  • Keaton and Campbell helped Sarah and I make the Hobbs Disney shirts. We were able to make 21 shirts tonight. I still have a few to go, but I'm feeling good about my shirt making progress. We worked until the boys came home from the movie so it was a pretty late night.
  • Actually, it is almost 12 and the only time that I have been sitting down today is since I have been working on the blog-I'm tired!

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