October 29, 2022-Halloween Camping at Maumelle

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Before I even left the bed this morning, Reagan was already at Burns Park ready to play her first game of soccer. We knew there was going to be rain so I think that she was prepared mentally, but I don't think that she was prepared physically (as in she didn't bring enough clothes or towels).

They won the first game 3-1 and were drenched when it was over. One mom offered to take Reagan's clothes to the laundymat to dry them when it was over because they were all so wet. Reagan debated where to go and what to do after the game. She said she would just come here, but Robby urged her to go to Grannmyom's house so she could put her clothes in the dryer. It was too long to stay in the car, but going anywhere would just have been for about 15 minutes before she had to leave again. Eventually, she heard her team was going to Chilis so that is where she went.

They were there for a good while, but then started hearing that games were delayed, so they stalled. I hope that Reagan tipped her waitress well since they were there for so long. Eventually, it was time to play again so they headed back to Burns Park. When she parked her coach walked by and told her to stay in the car until he told them. 

That game was won 8-0 or some crazy score like that. I believe that the rain was not as bad during this game though. Reagan left that game and came to Maumelle to catch up with us. After a few hours, we did get word that tomorrow's games are cancelled, and Reagan's team won Fall Fest for her age bracket. Reagan was bummed that there would no games tomorrow since today was her last games for the season. 

Our morning was spent in the camper, and it was glorious. We moved pretty slow-Campbell was the first kid awake and did leave before the rain really started. Keaton slept a good bit longer, but when she left, we convinced her to use a poncho. Robby had to wake up the boys to watch the Hogs play football.

We stuck around for most of the first half, but then went to the Barker's camper to watch some of the game. Then when the rain slacked off we went to the Hobb's camper and briefly the Heltz'. By this time, the rain had stopped so we ended up taking a pretty good walk around the campsite. We walked some without Bentley and some with Bentley and some with a large group of people and some without a large group of people. 

It was on the last little loop that I remembered that the kids still had pumpkins to carve. Now, I first asked Keaton who was in the middle of a volleyball game if she wanted to carve pumpkins, but she said no. However, a few minutes later all of my kiddos were standing under a tent (it was raining again) carving pumpkins and drinking hot chocolate (Campbell and Alyssa prepared hot water so everyone could make some hot chocolate.)

Reagan actually didn't get her own pumpkin, but she did supervise some of the work that was done. Anderson recruited Brett and Ethan to help with his pumpkin. Graham went off to a picnic table and went to work. His pumpkin was one eyed-not sure if he got tired or what. Campbell had a face and the word "boo" and I think that the she even added something else to it. Keaton and Sophia worked on hers. They picked an elborate design and lost interested before they even cut one thing out of the pumpkin. Whitman wanted to make a Mickey Mouse and did (I helped.) Of course I forgot lights for the pumpkin. 

By thie time we couldn't decide what the rain was going to do-it would rain and then stop over and over. We set tents up near the road for the Trick or Treaters and Robby moved his grill under it. Then we moved it out from under it and then back-we did this quite a few times because of the silly rain. 

The kids had a group picture at 4:55 and then set off Trick or Treating. Originally, they were supposed to start at 6, but there was a worry that the rain was coming back so they moved it up earlier. The ranger drove around telling people this. Earlier in the day on our walk, the same ranger drove around telling people that they could burn now. 

Reagan, Anderson, and Graham set off together-I made them take Whitman along as well. They had some of their friends go with them, but I guess since they had Whitman they felt it was ok get some candy. There is no reason to grow up too fast and not get candy.

Campbell and Keaton were with different groups, and Campbell even changed groups in the middle of her walk. There was again a haunted house-which briefly upset Campbell, but not Whitman who went through it twice. It took probably an hour for them to walk around all of the campsites. It seemed like they were gone for a good while.

Though the time passed quickly on our end. Robby was grilling hamburgers and hot dogs for us and the Wilsons. He even had some extras so passed them out as well. I was busy passing out candy with Shannon and Shelly. I had made 150 candy bags and passed them out. I would guess that we had 200-250 Trick Or Treaters tonight, and that number was probably down because of the rain. (2023 Tara: Make 250 candy bags). After running out of my candy bags, I dipped into my Sunday school Dum Dum stash. We were also passing out Shelley's candy, Shannon's candy, Joni's  and Traci's candy so when the kiddos came to our table, we had 4 different buckets for them to get candy from. 

The last Trick or Treaters probably came by around 8, and our folks were all back by then. The volleyball game was happening, and all of the adults were gathered under the tents chatting away. The party lasted until after 11. 

Then Robby and I went to work taking things down. Before we could really do all of that, we had to take a trash run. Then we loaded the van with all wet things. Afterwards, I went into the camper to straighten while Robby loaded the bikes. It was easy to put these people to bed tonight-Anderson and Graham went home with Reagan. She was going to stay here tonight, but I thought that she deserved a long, hot shower after being in wet clothes most of the day. Keaton ended up sleeping in the Craft camper which just left Whitman and Campbell. 

It was 1 now, and I am headed to get my shower!...and then some cookie dough!

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