October 25, 2022

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  • It had rained some at least last night-I was certainly crossing my fingers that it was still raining this morning. Robby and I waited as long as we could to look out the window since we were stalling on our morning walk. However, by this time it wasn't raining so we still took our walk-though Bentey didn't get to go since the ground was still wet, and she had just had a bath.
  • After our walk, I went to wake people up and 3 of 6 Dennie children were out of bed working on their school work, and one of the ones in bed was awake-it was like Christmas morning around here not having to go up and down the stairs trying to wake all of the people up.
  • I worked with the little 3 before starting on everything else. It wasn't too long until the big 3 left for school. Graham had a test while Anderson and Reagan had subs for their first class. 
  • When I went to pick them up, I dropped off Campbell and Keaton at Nonna's house. They spend the day with Nonna and her friend, the cookie lady. The girls made all kind of candy, and I think that they had a good time.
  • Before they did come home, I worked with Whitman. Then I started preparing things for Disney. I am so organized for this trip, that I am somehow going to forget quite a few things. I have food divided up into proper boxes-like supper food is in one box, breakfast in another, and so on. There are lists upon lists-and so much stuff, that I might just have to drive the white van (kidding)
  • Around 5, Campbell, Graham and Keaton went with me to Maumelle Park. Robby and Bentley went on out today with the Wilsons. The rest of us need to finish some school and have church tomorrow so we aren't going until Thursday.
  • We made it in time to start helping put up the tents and lights. We were able to hang quite a few lights thanks to Tony's ladder-though I'm not sure how safe the whole process really was. Robby said that he could jump from the heigth that he was at if he needed to. This did not make me feel confident at all.
  • We stuck around a little bit, and then around 8 we headed home. We had to stop at Kroger on the way home for some all important milk and cokes.
  • Reagan and Anderson heated up manicotti for us to eat when we finally made it home. Campbell also made some cheese toast for them to eat so they had a fine meal. Since I had eaten a bit of Tony's supper, I didn't eat any.
  • I had hoped to eat ice cream tonight but am still too full from all of the candy that I had from what all Campbell and Keaton brought home.

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