October 18, 2022

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This was a chilly morning for a walk. I told Robby that I only wanted to walk for 2 miles, but he suggested that I wait until we had at least walked a bit before I made that call. I did end up walking 2.5 miles this morning which we did at a pretty quick pace-mainly becuase my rear end was cold. If my hood from my sweatshirt was on, then it pulled my sweatshirt up making my rear chilly.

I survived and didn't get frostbite. Then it was time to start waking up the people. Again, I was behind this morning so the little 3 received about 20 less minutes of reading. This made them happy though, but I still was able to do most of the important things.

Soon Reagan, Anderson and Graham went to classes this morning. Robby picked up the boys when they were finished with their classes. They arrived home just about the time that I started the last little bit with Whitman.

And bless him, he was the most distracted today. When he was little, he used to stare at the ceiling and just do nothing. Now, he is super chatty with his brothers and sisters and just does nothing. This makes me crazy. Though I guess I can't complain too much, even though he did finish school later this afternoon, he got it all done. Maybe I should just let him work at his own speed-or maybe not.

This afternoon, Keaton, Campbell and I took Anderson to Raymar to do a little bit of work to clean up from football, He thought that it wouldn't take long, and indeed it didn't. We had just finished up at Dollar Tree when he called saying that he was nearly finished.

We picked him up and then headed to Walmart to finish our shopping. Now, with Andeson, Campbell and Keaton-I bought quite a bit of things even a few Christmas presents. I guess that is good since I already have a stash of presents in the attic for people.

When we returned home, Robby hd also just returned home and was working on grilling our burgers for supper. This was the second night that he grilled outside, but tonight was definitely cooler than last night. We enjoyed our food, and the Wilson's showed up to visit just as we were finishing supper.

Robby worked on one more camper project tonight before calling it a night. I am currently debating between hot chocolate and a bowl of ice cream.

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