October 28, 2022-Halloween Camping at Maumelle

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I only woke briefly once last night because I was little bit warm. However, it didn't take too long for me to stick my leg out of the covers and cool off to go back to sleep. We slept for a good while this morning-it is actually already pretty close to morning time again so it is difficult for me to remember when exactly we did get up.

Keaton and Campbell were the first ones out of the camper, but Robby, Bentley and I were not far behind. We walked around most of this campground this morning. People were starting to put up their decorations then. I even commented to Robby that some of these people have more Halloween decorations than we have Christmas decorations. By this evening, this entire place was decked out-there are probably more skeletons in this campground than in the graveyard that we pass coming here. I am certainly glad that people go all out because it sure does make our walks around the campground super interesting.

Once we finished the first walk, we did start to work on breakfast. Campbell made up a batch of pancakes, Robby heated up sausage, while I baked some biscuits. It was a pretty delicious breakfast. At breakfast, I thought about pulling out my banana bread for Robby to heat up on the griddle. However, I thought that we had plenty of food and could do it later. But later never came-since I never thought about it again. Maybe tomorrow.

I also never thought about carving pumpkins again. We had intended to do them today, but really there was never any downtime. Between eating and walking-the day was full. Probably one reason that I never thought about the pumpkins today was that the kids were busy all day long. 

Whitman stayed outside and played all day. If you know Whitman, you know that he needs some downtime occasionally. Today though he never came in the camper. His friends were working on their pine needle fort and spent the entire day doing this. 

Keaton and her buddies worked on another fort as well, plus there was lots of volleyball happening. Campbell helped with the little kids, worked on the fort, rode her bike and played volleyball. While Anderson and Graham hung out with their friends, watched football, played volleyball, rode bikes and threw the football.

Around 3, Robby made nachos for our appetizer. That was fun-and a fun little snack to share. Earlier in the day most people were eating lunch, but since we had just eaten breakfast we thought that we would wait a few more minutes.

And before long it was time to eat supper. Reagan showed up just in time for supper. Grannymom and Grandpa had been to visit for a little bit and were able to see her before they left. Then Jason stopped by as well. 

Two families were gone tonight, so that left 8 camping families and 2 extra families that ate supper here tonight. It was a crew. We did get a group kid picture, but not even all of the kids that were here were in the picture since some had wandered off.  

Tonight the menu was soups and chilis-there were two chilis, a veggie soup and a potato soup. (I made the potato soup and my people, at least, really liked it so that recipe will be a keeper.) There were cornbread muffins and all of the other fixings as well. And the dessert table was completely full. We may have eaten an hour late, but it was certainly worth the wait.

After eating, the adults sat around and talked until after 10. My kids have had a blast these past two days and so have Robby and I. We certainly can't complain at all-though with the downpour tomorrow it will be hard not to complain!

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