October 16, 2022 - October Branson

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First thing-sorry, but I only have two pictures from today. They are both from Reagan's soccer game yesterday. I just now thought about pictures, but the kids are already in bed. Now, I can tell by the noises and footsteps, that no one is asleep. So maybe I should say that since the kids are way up the stairs, there will be fewer pictures today-I will do better tomorrow though.

We all slept wonderfully well. Robby was first awake this morning and soon I was as well. We had hoped to leave in time to see Reagan's soccer game at 2. However, just as we were hooking everything up the text came through that soccer was cancelled due to the wet fields. I am glad that it rained, but we could have slept a bit more this morning.

Actually, it was good to be able to be home this afternoon/evening and get a few things done. The ride home was uneventful-the gas cap light did come on, but that was an easy fix. I think that Graham slept most of the way home, but Campbell and Keaton were awake pretty early-probably because of Bentley.

Our first stop this morning was at Costco back at home. We did some speed shopping-waters, gatorades, a birthday present for Campbell-you know, the essentials. Then of couse, we bought some pizzas there for our Sunday lunch. 

Once at home, Reagan and Anderson filled us in on their last few days as we ate. Then we quickly unloaded the camper. And man, we were able to get it done quickly today. After the kids helped empty (3 or less trips each), we went to work on cleaning it. 

We were even able to sit down for a little bit this afternoon-Robby almost went to sleep but Bentley jumped in his lap and prevented that from happening. I would have liked to have taken a nap, but by the time I worked on my list for the week, list for the week, grocery list, chore list and calendar it was time to take Keaton and Whitman to their lifegroup. 

Soon afterwards, we loaded up with Campbell and Graham to go to Rock Creek. Anderson had intended to go, but about an hour before he kicked the piano and thought that he was hobbling too much to go. And bless him, he did roll around in the floor for a good while after hurting himself, and he is still hobbling tonight. It is a bit swollen, but I bet it will be black and blue tomorrow.

Sams, Walmart and Kroger were all next-we were able to do some definite speed shopping which I thouroughly enjoyed. Now, I do wish we had a little bit more time, but we pretty much filled up the car and emptied out the checkbook, so we probably didn't need any more time to shop.

The Wilsons came over for supper just as Keaton and Whitman were coming home. Thankfully, Reagan was right there-and we volunteered her to go and get them. Those extra drivers are certainly nice-I'll have two extra drivers soon. 

Soon the Rock Creekers came home with Brett, and then we all started eating our suppers. We visited and caught up on the week before eating our ice cream. After our Sunday night ice cream, the week was sadly over...and I had to catch up on two blogs (my blog from yesterday didn't publish and I love half of it-but all is well now.)

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