October 13, 2022-October Branson

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  • This morning when Robby wasn't in bed with me when my alarm clock went off, I briefly wondered where he was. Then I even waited a few more minutes thinking that he may return before I finally did crawl out of bed myself. 
  • It didn't take me long to find him-he was in the kitchen already working on the mound of laundry. Since today was trip day he does tend to get a bit excited and wake up early. Since he folded both loads of laundry plus emptied the dishwasher, I really wish that every day could be trip day.
  • We then took our walk with Bentley. We only did 2 miles this morning. Yesterday and the day before Robby did a bit more than that, but today I bet that Bentley was glad for a break. She didn't get much of a break becuase after her walk she was soon given a bath.
  • The rest of us worked on school work for a good little bit. Everyone was finished early today-including Whitman. Though I didn't really have time to do a lot of our work together. The kids thought that they had won the lottery when I told them to each just pick one thing and that is what we will do. 
  • I usually read about 12 different books during our work together with Campbell, Keaton and Whitman so only doing 4 books was quite a shock to them. Of course I had 2 children that picked the absolute shortest thing to read possible. I couldn't read too long to them today becuase I had to go to church to go and pick up Graham from school.
  • Today his class and Reagan's class was at church instead of Wildwood. That meant that I had a bit further to go. As soon as I came home with Graham, he made a bagel and we headed out.
  • Anderson and Reagan are staying back in Little Rock this weekend-she had to work tonihgt at church along with her work tomorrow and soccer Saturday and Sunday. Anderson's schedule wasn't as busy, but he has upward on Saturday.
  • Our drive to Branson was fairly smooth. We did stop one time to check our straps for the car-they were on, but one had indeed looseened so that was a simple fix. Then we were back on the road. 
  • We did stop at Walmart in Harrison on the way up. Robby bought gras while I ran inot the store with the girls. We bought the hamburger buns and candy-and then we happened upon the clearance where we found 3 little Christmas presents for people. 
  • Soon we were at our Treehouse campground. After Robby hooked up, we took Bentley on a little walk. Then it was time to heat up supper. I kind of overheated (nice way to say burned) some of our bread for supper, but it was still absolutely delicious. 
  • Once supper was cleaned up, we loaded up for Silver Dollar City. It has just been a month since we were here last-it was so empty then! And it si so not empty now. Ha! It was pretty crowded tonight, but the kids were able to ride most everything-Time Traveler, Fire in the Hole, Outlaw Run, Powder Keg and Wildfire. That made our evening successful for sure. 
  • I tried my hardest to find some hot chocolate tonight but even after waiting in a long line (at the same place I got hot chocolate just a month ago) they didn't have any. Then we weren't able to find anyone else who had some-except the store at the end where the line was out the door. Good thing I had some hot chocolate in the cabinet back at the camper.
  • After riding all of the rides, we headed back.We walked Bentley then Keaton and I made s'mores for everyone. Now it is bedtime!

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