October 20, 2022

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  • Robby felt pretty bad last night; he had the kids' cold from last week. So I was not expecting him to agree to go on the walk this morning. I thought that he might not go, and possibly I might also sleep in as well. Unfortunately, he was the first one out of the bed this morning and was feeling much better so that meant that I did indeed have to go on the morning walk.
  • Honestly though, I enjoyed the walk so much that I decided later in the day to forgo my treadmill walk and walk outside. I walked 2 miles with Bentley outside, but since I didn't want to tire her out and since every time we passed the driveway she would pull that way, I text Anderson.
  • Since I was walking, I voiced text causing my text to look a bit different I guess. I told Anderson to walk to the driveway so he could get Bentley. For some reason Anderson and everyone else were convinced that Graham had taken my phone and made up the text. 
  • So when I didn't see Anderson walking towards me, I called him. Reagan answered-and apparently all 6 of them were huddled around the phone accusing Graham of sending a fake text and trying to determine if the text was real. 
  • I confirmed that I did send the text and did want Anderson to come and get Bentley. He told me he was coming, but also Graham and Keaton soon came rushing towards me on their bikes. Apparently, they thought something was wrong-not just Bentley was tired and I was tired of urging her to continue on.
  • Back to this morning though, the school day went smoothly. Robby did have to take Graham too and from school today since Reagan's class was cancelled. Whitman did much better in the attention area of school-we have now started long division which he is doing quite well-but with a lot of moaning and groaning.
  • This afternoon, after an outside football game with their big brothers, Campbell and Keaton went to the pregnancy center with me. Our first stop was the vinyl store to pick up some vinyl. Then the pregnancy center where we cleaned up a few things. 
  • Finally, we stopped at Walmart on the way back to buy a few things (Campbell and Keaton's Halloween costumes.) Then we met up with everyone else at Tacos for Life. We all enjoyed a meal from there-it had been a long time since we had eaten there. I think that it is one of my favorite places to eat out at.
  • On the way home, Robby's car ran into Kroger and my car ran into Academy. We walked in at the same time and walked out at the same time. Once we were home, it was ice cream time and now a Hallmark movie for me (Robby's already napping during it.)

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