October 15, 2022-October Branson

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Today was so much better than yesterday-at least Whitman sure though so. The boy was on the mend for sure today He was almost his normal, spunky self. We did have one more incident last night-he started coughing in the middle of the night. Robby quickly jumped up just in case he was to have another incident. However, Whitman just coughed and then went to the bathroom and then peacefully went back to bed. There was no need for us to panic.

I was actually too tired to panic too much. The first two hours of our sleeping, Graham had coughed. It reminded me of the time that Anderson had his asthma attack when he was tiny. This put me a bit on edge worrying about him. After about 3 doses of different medicines, he finally did go on to sleep....or I finally did go on to sleep.

Other than all of the above, we all did sleep pretty good last night. I woke up in time to track Anderson to make sure that he was on the road to football. And soon I was also tracking Reagan to make sure that she was on the road to soccer. Today was Anderson's last football game-actually his last even to be a junior intern since he will be a full fledged intern when he turns 16 in December. Reagan has a good amount of soccer games left, but she is still loving it. Her team won 5-1 today-I think. 

Back in Branson, Campbell was the only one who went with us to the park early this morning. We left everyone else sleep-well, Whitman was awake early and already on his ipad and eating cereal. Even though he was feeling better, he needed to rest. Graham's cold was mainly a few days ago but he still has a pesky cough-and of course he really prefered to stay in bed and watch football this morning. Keaton was feeling a bit puny this morning, but after resting some in the morning and some healthy doses of medicine, she still had a good time today.

At the park this morning, we did take along the Fergie boys to keep Campbell company on some rides. They were able to do Time Traveler, Thunderation, Barnswings twice, 4 Outlaw Runs and a Fire in the Hole. They were knocking out the rides despite the throngs of people pouring into the park. It always pays to get places when they open up. 

We stayed until 12ish and then headed back to the campsite. That is when we went outside to start watching football. Soon afterwards, Nonna and Pops showed up-they had been in Branson with some friends. Their friends had left that day so they came to watch the ballgame and eat with us.

During half time Robby started on our late lunch/early supper-quesadillas. That seems to be a standard camping meal for us lately. This is mainly because we had a miss order from Sams. What Robby thought was 50 tortillas was actually 500. It wasn't that drastic but we do have a ton of tortillas right now that we need to use up.

The ballgame was certainly enjoyable-mainly becuase of the fellowship and food, but also because of the score. When it was near over, we started loading up to go to Silver Dollar City. Nonna and Pops were able to come with us to see the pumpkins.

It was crazy-insane crowded. Now, I do love a good party, but this was a little much. Thankfully, the kids were able to squeeze in a few last rides (like the water ride), and we were able to sqeeze in a few more snacks. Now, one thing about the crowds-it did make food hard to get this time. I definitly prefer the crowds when they are a bit less, but maybe this was all preparation for Disney.

Once we were back at the camper, we were all asleep fairly quickly last night. I think that we were all tired-and thankfully, the coughing kids were quite less last night.

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