October 19, 2022

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  • It was so cold on our walk this morning, that later in the morning I left the house to go buy myself some pants and gloves. (I do actually have pants and even gloves, but I wanted some better ones of both plus our main purpose for leaving the house was to get gas for two of the cars.)
  • If I do keep walking a little every morning, I will have to start having the kids wake themselves up. I seem to keep coming in a little later ever day just because I keep waking up a little bit later every day. I'll try to do better next week-or maybe I will be so close to a hundred miles that I might just stop walking all together.
  • When I did get everyone awake this morning, we started on school. Don't be surprised but Whitman was again distracted today. Maybe it has to do with something in the water this week. He did eventually get his work finished-tomorrow surely will be a bit smoother.
  • I did my gas and costco run during school-and this was my first time to go to Costco alone. It was bliss! I even found 2 Christmas presents before leaving even though I was speed shopping.
  • Once I was back home, I went to work with the Campbell, Keaton and Whitman. Then lunch and more school work. I did pretty much do everything that I could to avoid walking on the treadmill, but I eventually did finish that walk.
  • There was no going outside today for the kids, but we did spent a bit of time at the windows watching the neighbor have some trees cut down. It was entertaining, and thankfully no trees fell on the house! (They weren't even close, but I did briefly worry about this when the tree cutter man took off running when the first tree started to fall.)
  • I took Graham to church early for his Dgroup. Anderson came with me and joined me for my library visit since we were there early. Reagan went to soccer practice tonight after work-she just has about one more week of soccer. Everyone else came to church a bit later.
  • Tonight we all had something different for supper. You would think that leftover night is easy, but with all of us eating somethin different it gets a bit crazy-sandwich, nachos, grilled cheese, egg in a hole, pizza, chicken, quesadillas, and a hamburger. Letover night just leaves the kitchen in a huge mess!
  • And just about the time that the kitchen was clean, it was time for dessert. Right now some folks are eating their ice cream while most of us are in the living room watching Deal or No Deal.

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