October 8, 2022

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  • I believe that not only was this the last football game (for all of us but Anderson) this year, but this might possibly be the last time that I drive Anderson to Raymar bright and early on a Saturday morning. I told him this, and he wasn't as sentimental as I was and replied with a "probably not."
  • This was the perfect weather day-except it was a little bit windy and chilly. Becuase of the chill people were buying coffee and hot chocolate like crazy which I stayed busy making. Then becuase of the wind, my hot chocolate dust and coffee filters were continually blowing out of the concession stand. It was a bit nuts for a few minutes with things blowing and me pouring hot drinks as fast as I could.
  • After football we all headed home to watch some more football. I made it until about the end of the 3rd quarter before I took my nap to try to help that Hogs. I woke once to Bentley licking me and some one trying to pull her off of me. Then I woke later to a completely empty living room-everyone had been there when I went to sleep and then they were all gone. I don't think that I slept long since everyone here gave up on the team and didn't watch the 4th quarter.
  • We did run to Sams, Walmart and Costco this afternoon. We did some speed shopping, but the girls enjoyed icees while we were in Sams. As soon as we came home, we unloaded the groceries and then loaded Keaton and Rylee back up to go to Charlotte's birthday party.
  • After dropping them off, I did a few things on my list before the Wilsons came over. Anna showed up a bit later as well. Once she arrived, the WIlsons, Robby and I loaded to go and eat Mexican. Robby always wants to find a favorite hole in the wall place that we can go and eat at all of the time-we just haven't found it yet though.
  • On the way home, we picked up the kids some food even though it was super late-they were still hungry. Then there wasn't too much time left in the evening so after finishing a football game, it was time for bed for all of the people.

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