October 6, 2022

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  • I hit snooze a good bit this morning, but I still managed to get my walk around the block. I have been doing a lap and a half each morning which amounts to a mile and a half. Actually, each day this week I have been walking at least 5 miles a day. And this has shown me two things-I need better shoes and I'm old now.
  • I know that Thursdays are my last day of school-but that is just kind of not really right at all. Thursdays should be my last day of school, but there is always something else to do each Friday-this week is a lighter Friday: only Anderson, Reagan and Graham have school work while I do need to work with the others and do some reading at some point.
  • We did our school work today while Reagan and Graham went to Comm Central. Reagan had her midterm for her college class. She had been super stressed and wanted to make at least a certain grade-and she just barely did so I thought that was really good, but she wasn't too pleased.
  • This afternoon Cambpell and I went to the pregnancy center. We bagged a ton of diapers beforem meeting Robby at Kroger to get a few groceries and gas. On Robby's way home, he picked up a tamale spread from the new McClards. We had that while the kids had meatballs and mashed potatoes.
  • There was some disney shirt work after supper along wtih some football/volleyball playing. Football has been the afternoon sport around here lately, but today Keaton put up the volleyball net, so I think that they played some sort of football/volleyball combination. Currently, Anderson and Graham just went outside to play basketball-it is after 9 already.
  • Robby did just get my new phone ready to go. My old phone had an unfortunate run in with the concrete. I'm not sure how that happened (yes, I am-it was me.) I do have a purple case now so hopefully I can find my phone better in the house. I probably spent 10 minutes a day looking for it-maybe the new case will help and help protect it better.

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