October 26, 2022

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  • Since Robby wasn't here this morning to motivate me to take a walk, and Bentley, who is the one who also needs the walk, wasn't here, I sure didn't take a walk! I should be able to say that it was wonderful, but I think that I kind of missed my walk. Don't worry, I haven't fallen completely off of the wagon-I did walk on the treadmill this afternoon.
  • The kids weren't too easy to wake up especially since I woke them up earlier because I did not go on that morning walk. (And probably because I let them stay up late last night). They weren't in horrible moods though so that is good.
  • Usually, I talk about how Wednesdays are crazier. They kind of were again today, but Whitman did excellent and finished almost 2 days of school today. He was pretty proud of himself-and earned a later bedtime again tonight for the people.
  • Reagan went to work this afternoon leaving the rest of us here. I did wash everyone's sheets-A chore that I had been dreading. However, I guess people are now big enough to do most of the work themselves. I would tell someone to get their sheets and throw them down. Then I would wash them and they would put them back on their bed. It went wonderfully well-my poor washing machine and dryer was tired by the end of the day since I didn't just wash their sheets but all of their bedding each time.
  • It was church night. The kids were anxious to get there and some were not happy with my library stop on the way. The library is one of my favorite places, but I guess I am glad that church is one of their favorite places.
  • Reagan went to soccer-I guess this might just be her last practice. She has so enjoyed it this year that I really hope that she is able to play the last games this weekend though the rain is making that look doubtful.
  • After church, we all found something to eat. The kids watched soccer in the living room while I read before starting on the blog. Soon it will be bedtime around here, but maybe ice cream time first.

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