October 2, 2022

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  • Even though I wen to bed before midnight last night, I still woke up feeling pretty tired this morning, so I probably hit snooze longer than I should have. However, we were still able to all get out the door this morning with pretty good attitudes only having about 50 minutes once we woke up.
  • Church was great this morning, but a bit long. However, that did make for a short Sunday school time. The kids were all upstairs with teenagers for their leaders-Reagan was one of those leaders. The teachers were all downstairs in a meeting-and we even got goodies (huge loaves of pumpkin bread,)
  • Then it was on to Nonna's house for lunch and to celebrate Jason's 50th birthday. Pops made tenderloin and Nonna made a Jo Powell chocolate cake. Then it was time for Jason's presents-cash, dvds and a little Lego set.
  • When we did come home this afternoon, I had myself a nap while Robby worked on the newest camper problem. We then ran to the store-Robby was going to take a shower first, but opted just to wash his hands before going. I really didn't see until we got into the store, but he had more grass and dirt on the back of his shirt than some people have in their entire yards. I dusted him off in the produce section.
  • Then it was back home to start on supper-crock pot mac and cheese (a success) and a crockpot dessert (not a success). We supplemented those two things with pizza. So after Robby picked up Graham, Campbell and Anderson from Rock Creek he came back wtih pizza.
  • The Wilsons came over, and as we ate we rehashed the wonderful week of camping. Brett showed up and the kids played basketball for a little bit before it was finally time for the weekend to end and the week to begin.

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