October 23, 2022

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  • I think that Bentley's ear is really what is waking her up in the morning, because once again she did not get the memo and was up before 7:15 this morning. You can trust that she will be getting a healthy dose of medicine in just a few minutes when we go to bed. I am going to try to finish the blog before we do this, so I guess you will have to wonder all day long if the dog mauled us to death while we were attempting her medicine or if we actually survived. You will just have to wait and see.
  • Keaton and Sophia made muffins this morning before church so that happened and we were all able to get there before church started. We weren't late, but everyone was in one service this morning so it was pretty crowded. It was a good thing that we had our name on our pew or we wouldn't have gotten a seat. Kidding, we don't have our name on the pew-yet.
  • After church, we did the Sunday school thing before heading home for lunch. Robby was the heater upper for lunch-we had pizza bites, cheese dip, biscuits and dumplings. I think that everyone was satisfied when they finished their supper.
  • Now, we did all have to clean afterwards. Robby took Anderson, Graham and Keaton outside to work in the yard for a little bit. This left me Campbell, Reagan and Whitman. Now, Reagan worked for about 10 minutes before she had to leave for soccer. So then it was just Campbell and Whitman. Whitman will do anything that I ask him to do; however, his chore skill level isn't yet superb. So after I had exhuasted all of the easier chores, I sent him outside hoping that Robby would return one of his helpers back in the house.
  • That didn't happen so it was just Campbell and me in the house cleaning. Now, everyone was working so it really didn't matter. I did ask Campbell if she wanted to go outside and switch with someone, but she was adament that she wanted to stay inside. So by the time the outside people came in, we were finishing the last inside chores (except mopping the kitchen which Robby had to do later) and I was running out the door (late) to Reagan's soccer game.
  • Reagan's game yesterday was cancelled and rain is in the forcast for next Saturday and or Sunday so this might just have been her last game. Her coach was gone, so I think that messed up the girls' playing today a bit. They played hard and just lost by one. Reagan will definitely be black and blue tomorrow. She took one good tumble for sure.
  • When we returned home from the game, Campbell was leaving for Rock Creek with Brett. And then Anderson, Reagan and Graham's life group was showing up to meet at our house. Robby had picked up pizza so that we all had plenty to eat. 
  • We did lots of visiting, plus the Wilson's came over to join us as well. It was a pretty perfect ending to our little weekend. Now wish us luck as we try to medicate our dog!

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