October 7, 2022

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  • Since today was no school day, I woke up earlier than usual. Keaton was heading to the pumpkin patch with friends so I delivered her to their house early this morning. I did comment to Robby that there is some point where kids just become fairly self sufficient: Keaton woke up by herself, packed her lunch and even had a list of what else she needed to put in her bag before leaving.
  • Once I came back home, I walked 2 miles with Bentley and Robby. I'm still working towards my 100 miles in October. I haven't given up just yet. After today's 6 miles I am up to 27 miles so that is ok so far.
  • Then I started on my two big projects of the day-Disney shirts. I worked on getting them ready to cut out plus I cut out 2 of Whitman's shirts. I think that he has the neatest ones which suit him perfectly. Though he has at least 6 Disney shirts already set aside for Disney. He has all of his brothers hand me downs in all different sizes so he really didn't even need for me to make him a shirt, but since I had blank shirts in his bins too I thought that I might as well.
  • The second big projetc of the day was finishing the quilt. Keaton's quilt is finished and ready to go for Disney. She seemed pretty pleased with it. It is no where near perfect, but I think that it looks decent and am excited for her...though part of me doesn't want for her to use it.
  • New phone for me yesterday and a new-to-me apple watch today. So I have lots of things that I am learning-I don't really like change but am surviving the new so far. Actually the kids are helping explain all the new things to me whenever I have questions.
  • Anderson and Graham both had some school work to do today. Graham went right to work on his when I woke him up this morning. Both boys had asked me to wake them up when I took Keaton early this morning. I did, but I knew that Anderson wasn't going to wake up-he is not an early riser or a pleasant riser either. 
  • So he slept longer than he intended. However, his phone is giving him fits (his new one should have come yesterday too, but didn't) so he probably spent a bit more time than usual on his school work which isn't such a bad thing.
  • Reagan went to Maumelle to spend the night with Kennedy today after work. The other girls, Robby and I ran some errands late tonight-the xbox game store to fix one of Graham's games (it worked-2 dollars was certainly worth it.), walmart (to buy quite a few different things) and then to Grannymom's house (to drop off the dessert of the month,)
  • Then it was home for ice cream and possibly some cheesecake too.

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