Ocgober 12, 2022

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  • I was about to say that today was Tuesday, but since we just returned home from church I believe that I'm wrong about it being Tuesday. I did wake up a few minutes earlier so during our walk, I was able to walk 2.5 miles this morning. (Except my watch never thinks that I walk as far as Robby so we aren't really friends right now-me and the watch, me and Robby are indeed still friends.)
  • Soon we started school with the big 3 doing presentations about some famous folks. Then it was time to start helping everyone else.  Whitman, for some reason, was thinking super clearly so he not only did today's school, but even started on tomorrow's school-this never happens. Keaton on the opposite side of the spectrum finished most of this weeks school last week.
  • The school day went by fairly quick-I did some things in the kitchen, put some things in camper, braided some hair, trimmed some hair, made a few more shirts wtih the girls, walked on the treadmill. I am always surprised how quickly the day goes by. 
  • I do have a list of things that I work on during the day-maybe I should get up and get it so I can feel more accomplished in this blog than just the above paragraph. However, it isn't worth all of that-right now, I can write about 2 or 3 words before Bentley returns to my hands and usually ends up clicking keys on the computer with her bone that she wants for me to throw.
  • Reagan went to work today and as soon as she came home it was time for her to turn around and go to soccer practice. Even though it was raining some, Reagan's pratice went on until their was lightening.
  • The big boys didn't go to church tonigh since their verge was moved to school campuses. Campbell also didn't have anything at church tonight so she came and helped with the kids. I think that she certainly enjoyed that-though she did tell her siblings to never go back down to 1st-5th grade.
  • After church, Robby stopped by McDonalds to pick up some supper for everyone. We all must have been hungry because we all ate standing around the bar. Afterwards there were a few more trips to the camper and hopefully some ice cream soon.

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