October 5, 2022

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  • Just like most of the Wednesdays lately, things didn't go too smoothly around here. On Mondays, Anderson and Graham realize they have a lot of school work to do so they put their heads down and work hard. Tuesdays they leave for school so they aren't around. But Wednesdays, they are feeling good about their school work progress and are in no hurry-this means they have a good, fun morning with not that much school work happening.
  • They, of course, will eventually finish their school work for the week; howeer, the little brother has himselfa  good, fun school morning as well-and he is the one that needs to work hard and not be distracted. Whitman had 3 things left to do today after noon which was the norm for last year, but this year he has been working a bit quicker....but not at all today.
  • We all survived though with no injuries. Well, there was almost a few injuries. After Reagan went to work, I ended up playing football outside wtih the kids. Whitman, Graham and I were on a tv against Campbell, Keaton and Anderson. I did briefly think that my arm had been broken during our game, but thankfully I'm much sturdier than that (or maybe I am just glad I have been taking my vitamins.)
  • Spaeking of vitamins-I started taking them a few months ago. Just this last week or so, I got lazy in the mornings and had not been grabbing them. And guess who caught a cold? Me, hmm, I wasn't too sold on the vitamins after first, but maybe I am now-I even bougth some more last night.
  • Back to football, obviously, our team lost. Graham carried the team as much as he could, but with me, old and slow, and Whitman, whiney and tired, he didn't have much to work with. We all had fun-well, after an hour of playing football in the sun, we weren't having too much fun, but everyone did enjoy the popsicles when we were finished. 
  • Tonight we went to church while Reagan went to soccer practice. She doesn't have many more practices left since the season is almost over which will make her pretty sad. She has a big test tomorrow and has been studying so much lately-she will do great and we sure aren't stressed, but she migth be.
  • After church tonight, we all were in the kitchen making our supers. There was lots happening-air fryer pizzas, bagels, waffles, eggs, cheesecake, chips and cheese dip-and there were lots of people-all the kids-and lots of talking happening. That is when I turned to Robby and reminded him that nights like tonight are the nights that we are going to miss when all of these people are grown up. 

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