October 9, 2022

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  • When our alarm rang this morning, Robby said that he would get a shower if I would wake the kids up. So I headed to wake people up-soon I realized that I had only woken up two children, and he was already finished with his shower. I am not really sure what slowed me down so much, but thankfully, the others were fairly easy to wake up.
  • I then had my shower, and we squeezed a shower in for Whitman since who knows the last time that he had a shower. And mainly because his hair is a bit crazy to fix when it is not wet. I do a lot of fixing hair these days-all of the boys usually need help with their Sunday hair. (The difference between Sunday hair and every day hair is-Sunday hair is combed.) And French braiding hair is the rage for the girls. Campbell and Keaton like to have thier hair braied at night so it is wavy during the day, and Reagan wears her hair braided to soccer often. (Again, it would have been wise to know how to cut and style hair. That would benefit me more than my degree.)
  • Once the hairs were combed, it was time to head to church. They had a baby shower for one of the teachers today so that was fun. Then it was on to Grannymom's house for lunch. On the way their was a big debate in the car on what we had eaten there the last time that we were at her house. Keaton was about the only person that was correct-I guess her memory is better than ours for sure. I told the kids that I couldn't even remember what I had for breakfast, much less what we ate on Sunday lunch a month ago.
  • After lunch, we stayed for a while and then came home. I did squeeze in a super short nap before getting up to clean potties and clean the kitchen. Then I spent some time working on my lists. We have 5 trips coming up before the end of the year so Robby and I have lists happening for every single thing right now. It could be a little bit stressful, except that Robby and I really do thrive on being pretty busy. 
  • Soon the kids were all heading off to churchy things-Reagan, Anderson and Graham went to theri life group while Campbell opted to go to Rock Creek tonight. Then we all met back up for super at the Wilson's house.
  • While they were gone, Robby and I talked through some more things for our lists and even took a 2 mile walk. I have now walked 31 miles this month. I need 25 this next week to stay on track!

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