October 10, 2022

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  • My dream last night was I was in a baking competition. I had successfully baked chocolate chip cookies, and then I spent the rest of the dream trying to figure out what I was going to make for the rest of the competition. Even after thinking about it all day long, I am still not too sure what I would bake.
  • School went well today. We seemed to zoom through some things and not others. Reagan and Anderson both have slide show presentations for their computer science class tomorrow. Reagan is talking about William Shakespear while Anderson is speaking about the movie Shrek. Reagan has another report about Shakespear which is why she chose that topic. However, Anderson has worked and stressed on his slide show quite a bit of the day.
  • Keaton did sneak out with Robby to pick up some groceries at lunch time. That is when we normally do our work together so that did change up things a bit. I switched things around and soon most of the school work was done for the day.
  • Reagan headed off to work today, and pretty soon afterwards I headed up to the treadmill. Counting my walk this morning, an afternoon walk and an evening walk along with my treadmill: I am now at 40 miles for the month of October. Just 60 more miles this month to meet my goal.
  • There were at least 2 different football games that happened outside today. As well as one basketball game that I know of and two different volleyball games. It is such perfect weather right now so it does make walking outside easy along with the kids are enjoying being outside.
  • Well, Whitman was enjoying being outside. He was playing in his second football game when he did get elbowed in the head by Anderson. I think it was probably more like Whitman ran into Anderson's elbow-either way, he has a huge knot. 
  • Robby used the griddle tonight for supper-we fried up some potatoes, but we weren't thinking becuase I was standing at the stove frying up sausage and scrmbling eggs which he could have done much quicker outside. I was making breakfast burritos-my people seem to go through the fairly quickly.
  • It was almost 8 right now and the kids just all came inside. Whitman is in the shower and Anderson is in line. Once I have finished this blog, Keaton is already asking for my computer so she can get ahead on tomorrow's school work.

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