December 30, 2023

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  • I guess this was the last day of truly doing nothing which is incredibly sad. I did lay out all of my school things this morning in my room trying to prepare myself mentally Robby and I did stay in bed until almost noon today.
  • We did the dishes and laundry, and then Robby and I left the house. First we had lunch at Fazoli's-like an old couple, we split the lunch special and even had a coupon. Now when our food came out, they didn't have any bread sticks, but you better believe that we stayed until they finally brought some out.
  • Then we ran to Costco and Kroger to pick up a few things. Once at home, Keaton's friend came over to spend the night. They have played inside and outside and even convinced me to take them to Dollar General so they could buy a snack.
  • Her friend is super high maintenance though-she wanted ramen for dinner. (I'm kidding-she's the easiest child ever.) We have seen the big 3 kids today but mainly when they come down looking for something to eat. 
  • Supper tonight was "on your own," but just about everyone had something different-pizza, chicken sandwich, sweet potato fries, taquito, chickpea masala, and ramen. I did work on my New Year's resolutions some-we are going to try to do better making meals around here though that we have been saying that for the last 18 years.
  • Robby is watching football right now, and I am finishing my last book of the year.

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