March 10, 2012

Cousins come for an overnight visit!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • We decided this morning around 9 when we were still lounging around in bed that the boys can stay at their grandparents every Friday night and Kennedy can spend the night with us every Friday as well-still in bed at 9, wonderful.  Keaton had already eaten in the wee morning hours, Campbell woke up a bit before 8 and Reagan and Kennedy were not far behind.  They played upstairs in the toy room until breakfast (cinnamon rolls).
  • Sometime during the day Reagan delivered a note saying "Campbell wipin"  I am not sure what Campbell did to deserve this note!
  • The girls played upstairs with their baby dolls until I heard them outside the bathroom door as I was getting out of the shower.  I heard Kennedy tell Reagan to ask her mother.  Then Reagan sheepishly asked if they could go outside.  I said yes and they were thrilled (of course, they didn't know that that was the plan all along).  
  • Kennedy and Reagan spent the morning playing in the treehouse, swinging and playing in the dirt.  I am really not sure what all they did but they entertained themselves and Campbell all morning long.  
  • Campbell so enjoyed having Kennedy over because she felt just like one of the big girls.  She kept right up with them and they were so good to include her.  I fixed the girls lunch and Reagan carried it outside.  I guess that Campbell didn't like where Reagan had put her plate so she picked it up to move it.  Of course, she spilled it and I saw all of this take place through the window.  I headed out to help pick stuff up and when I opened the door, I saw Kennedy and Reagan picking up her food and blowing it off for her.  Sweet girls.  
  • Keaton spent her morning drinking her milk, snoozing or watching us from the stroller.  She did pretty well and I guess that I can say that she is really a sitter upper now (for the most part but this is the date for the baby book) also I think that she said "hi" today though Robby is not convinced so that date will not yet make it to the baby book.  (and yes we still keep the 5th kids baby book up to date).  
  • Campbell is so good with Keaton and wants to make sure that she is happy all of the time. If she makes the slightest noise Campbell tells me exactly what she said "Keaton said uh" "Keaton crying" "Keaton burp"-she is so helpful!  The other day I was changing Keaton's diaper and Keaton must have been hungry because she was wailing.  Campbell kept saying "okay sweetie, okay sweetie."  This seemed pretty sweet except that Campbell's hand was tightly over Keaton's mouth.
  • Graham woke up at Nonna's house and asked for cinnamon rolls so Pops went to get him some.  They played, rode bikes and Jason came over to play.  Then Graham decided that he wanted to go to Jason's house so the loaded up and went.  Back at Nonna's Graham laid down for a bit and had himself a nap.
  • Anderson spent the morning with Grandpa and then went skating with Lilly, Cash, Dana and Jenna.  I asked if he was any good and he said no.  But later I asked if his bottom was soar from skating and he said no-so he must have been okay.    
  • We only left the house briefly today to go and pick up a car.  My van is in the shop and it was supposed to be fixed today.  Unfortunately, they ran into some trouble and it is waiting on a part.  Robby asked if they had any loaner cars since we were told it would be ready today (they are fixing some recall issues and that is the part they are needing).  Robby mentioned that he had to have a car since he had 5 kids and low and behold they did provide a loaner car.  Anyway, since we have 7 tonight and in the morning, we will be taking 2 cars to church.
  • Soon Lilly and Cash arrived and everyone played outside.  (Robby and I had been outside all day long working in the yard and needed about 2 more hours to finish but ran out of time).  They spent lots and lots of time hauling dirt from the dirt pile to the back patio.  This is not something we would normally condone but since 6 kids were working happily together we let it slide.  I might have even shown them a few spots they missed (nothing the leaf blower and a broom didn't rectify).  
  • When Kennedy was over here, Reagan was the perfect hostess-always asking Kennedy what she wanted to do, letter her have the first pick, etc.  But with Lilly and Cash she must feel like they are her brother and sister because she is telling everyone what to do and where to go.  Quite the opposite from this morning. 
  • Once during the evening I stopped to take a break from my raking and looked to see Anderson and Graham going at each other.  Then I saw Lilly jump into the  middle and separate them like a school teacher.  As I finally walked up she was scolding them pretty firmly also like a school teacher.  I took over and finished the scold but I think I need to keep Lilly around!
  • I tried to finish my section so I could run in the house before everyone else and start supper, lay out pajamas and Sunday clothes, get towels ready and sweep the kitchen before the crew came in.  We had the boys take a shower first and Robby washed them up pretty quick and then the girls came in for their shower.  I was going to let them stay in the shower until it got cold (remember the 5 gallon hot water heater) but they were ready to get out.
  • I fed everyone pizza for supper and then they were ready to play.  They were bouncing off of the walls-chase, tag, hide and seek, jumping off the bunk beds (Graham), yelling, slamming doors. I will never understand kids-they have tons of toys to play with in the house but want to run and while outside they all sat still playing in the dirt when they had plenty of space to run and scream.   
  • After a bit we called them down for cookies and then we brushed teeth and separated them.  I laid out the blankets for the boys in the toy room and for the girls in the school room.  Campbell saw the sleeping bags and grabbed hers and took it to her bed.  She has done very good the past two nights going to bed even though she knew that there was still alot of action going on around here.  
  • The boys played with toys until we made them lay down.  After about an hour, we only have one asleep (Anderson) and Graham has called us up there at least 5 times.  Cash has had to relocate his blankets because Anderson has turned sideways and was crowding Cash.  
  • The girls watched a movie in the school room before bed.  It was an hour long and they thought they had been sneaky when they came to tell me good night and to tell me that they watched 5 movies.  There were just 5 parts to their long movie.  I am the sneaky one-I have the remote.
  • Speaking of sneaky, earlier those boys snuck down the stairs to get some water.  Seriously, they thought that we wouldn't hear 2 5 year olds and a 3 year old come down a flight of stairs, open the fridge and find water bottles and then go back upstairs.  I tried to get Robby to jump out and scare them but we let it slide!
  • Hopefully in a bit we will have 100% of the kids asleep since it is spring forward tomorrow!

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