March 15, 2012

Pouring a new foundation!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • So yesterday they were up before the sun was up but today we had to wake everyone up at 7:30.  Man, if we didn't have school today I would have let them sleep as long as they could.  Everyone did get moving pretty quickly-except Anderson.  He spent his time throwing his bear down off the bed so I would throw it back up.  He is our grumpy waker upper (hmm, must get that from me).
  • Since we were running a bit late, Campbell and Keaton had their breakfast at Grannymom's house and the boys had breakfast at McDonalds and Reagan had hers at Sonic.  Robby took the boys and on the way home him and Reagan stopped at Sonic.  Reagan was staying home to play with Kennedy at the house today.  
  • Campbell entertained Grannymom and Grandpa today and kept them busy.   Keaton also stayed awake to enjoy the day.  The boys had fun at school.  Though I never heard anything about what all happened.  I was just glad that Anderson's eyes didn't get bad after playing on the playground.  Last night at Cubbies, his poor eyes immediately became red, itchy and hurt him after we left the playground.  He cried during the last half of Cubbie-poor guy.  Needless to say, we have been giving him shots of zyrtec like it is candy since then.
  • Back at the homestead, it was a happening place.  Kennedy and Jodee (2) were the first to arrive and then Robby and Reagan made it back.  The termite guy (1) was the next one here and he were soon joined by the concrete guy and his crew (7).  Next up was the plan man (1) and the framer (1) here looking at the plans.  The heating and air guys (2) were here next to check things out.  The stump man (1) saw all of the commotion and came over to check things out.  The electrician (1) was the next guy to come and take a look at the house.  And that was this morning-at least 16 visitors this morning.
  • Robby then left to get some money, lunch and to pick up the boys.  He was in a mad dash so they could be back in time to see the slab being poured.  I beat him home and we all had time to eat, play and wait and wait for the concrete truck to arrive.  The concrete men (2) were here, along with the cement men (6), the framers (2), Jodee and Kennedy (2) and the Dennies (2) who came to see the action.  If you add those folks to our 7 it is 21 people here this afternoon.  It was an exciting day for sure.
  • When the concrete trucks finally made it, the kids just sat around and watched.  They then continued to play outside.  Kennedy and Reagan started playing this morning around 8:30 and never really came inside until 6 when everyone started taking showers.  The concrete folks stayed until almost 5 and then we all were outside even later.  I had moved Keaton's exersaucer outside and Robby even had his computer out there and sat up a mini office.
  • After the kids showered off, we had supper (cheese roll ups, bananas, chicken nuggets-even though we had had them for lunch they were requested again thought I ate most of them).  I then snuck in a little bit of school-measuring pieces of paper to make a rainbow for St. Patrick's Day.  Oh and I also let everyone have their own candy bar that the neighbor girl was selling.  
  • Then they all watched a movie while I ran around like mad cleaning the kitchen, picking up the toy room so the boys could sleep in there, putting Campbell to bed and doing laundry.  After their show, Kennedy and Reagan went to sleep in the school room, the boys in the toy room, Campbell in her bed and Keaton in her closet.  They were all asleep pretty instantly.  
  • Tomorrow will be another big day-the zoo and then the framers will be here.

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