March 17, 2012

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • I heard Graham and Campbell whispering this morning around 7:30 and I went up there before they woke up Reagan and Anderson.  They must have thought it was middle of the night because they didn't try to get up until I slightly lifted the blinds and showed them the workers working on the garage.
  • Oh, let's discuss Keaton's sleeping patterns-she slept throughout the night and now she has stopped.  Probably because we have spoiled this child to no end.  We are not the only ones who have spoiled her-I have had to stop Campbell from trying to give her a second bottle just after finishing a first.  She is now having herself a bottle, laying happily between us on the couch, wearing her second St. Patrick's Day shirt.   Spoiled rotten!
  • I wish everyday was a wear a certain color holiday because I didn't even have to ask anyone to get ready and they even kept their shirts on all day long.  We had green eggs to begin our St. Patty's celebration and then we took a few pictures.
  • Before too long, Lilly and Cash came over to play.  At first, the kids all played upstairs but spent quite a bit of time watching a worker man walk on the top of the walls.  It was pretty impressive-and quite scary. I kept telling them to please not knock on the window-I didn't want that worker to be distracted.
  • Finally we let the kids outside-a little after 9.  They played outside until 6 tonight.  The stomp rocket, the swings, the tree house, eating grilled cheese for lunch, the playhouse, the dirt pile, lots of drinks and snacks, toy trucks, counting acorns, finding hickory nuts, poking worms with sticks, having corn dogs for supper and ending the evening with a wagon ride.  
  • Two Campbell stories-at one time today she fell down and came to us.  Her face was completely covered in dirt-eyes, nose, mouth.  We took her shirt off and tried to wipe her face but there was only one thing left to do.  I told Robby to splash her with the water bottle-really, that was the only way to get all of that dirt off.  She was none to happy about getting the surprise of a water bottle full of icy cold water in her face.  I kept reminding her that Daddy did it and not Mommy.  
  • Other story-Robby and I were inside and I heard someone screaming "Mommmyyyyy" and told him that someone was hurt.  I thought it was Graham but looked up and could see Campbell still screaming running to the front door followed by everyone else.  My first thought was that she was really hurt and everyone was bringing her to me.  I quickly opened the door and Lilly started with "Campbell..." and I thought for sure she was going to say fell out of the play house.  But then she said "Campbell, saw a dog in the street."  Seriously?  She saw a dog in the street about a 100 yards away?  All of this commotion for seeing a dog?
  • The boys watched the workers some and then they decided that they didn't want to be left out so upstairs they went and downstairs they came with all of their tools.  And then the hammering started on the playhouse.  They worked and worked banging on anything they thought needed an addition-I even saw a bit of hammering on my van!
  • Robby started clearing out some of the space behind our back door.  And no, this isn't really our space but why not?  It didn't take too long and it was all clear and he was able to put the playhouse out there.  The Dennie's helped quite a bit and Cash was a big worker (so much so that he even got a few dollars when he left!)  
  • I had to run and pick up a swing that I bought from craigslist.  Graham went with me and he thought we were getting a new swing for outside because I kept calling it Keaton's swing.  He thought I meant the green swing that Keaton received from Grannymom and Grandpa for Christmas (she can't use it now but everyone else is sure enjoying it until she can).  I kept saying that no one but Keaton could get on the new swing and this was really bothering him.  Anyway, he was so relieved when I explained that I was getting her a new baby swing.
  • As Graham and I were leaving the store, our case of cokes fell off the bottom of the shopping cart and one of the cokes busted.  So I took them all out of the box and put them into my grocery bags so I could find and throw away the busted one not wanting it to leak in the car.  He helped me and then when we finished he looked at me and said "we don't have to tell Daddy"-he knows his Daddy loves his coke!
  • We had the trailer keys so everyone was waiting on us for their trailer ride. They had a long ride and were begging for more at the end.  Man, this country living is fun and tiring!  The kids crashed tonight when we put them into bed.
  • But before bed, we took them on a tour of the new addition.  Robby and I stopped and started talking about something and Anderson impatiently asked "are we done? why isn't this tour moving?" They took it all in.  We have been trying to explain to them that the windows in their room aren't going to look outside anymore.  Reagan today said "but I love this view!"-breaks my heart.  They have tried everything to keep them but it just isnt' going to work.  Anyway, Robby showed them that there would be new windows in the bonus room that they can still see the view.  It will all be good!

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