March 2, 2012

Yes, we love each other!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • I had a staff meeting today and Nonna and Pops came over while I was gone.  Pops was the first one to arrive and he brought breakfast of donuts.
  • Anderson told Nonna and Pops that he had donuts, chocolate milk, Nonna and Pops and that was all he needed.  Pretty special little guy!
  • While I was gone, Reagan and Campbell made a necklace and then everyone decided they needed a snack so candy and more milk was had.  Then they moved upstairs to play and I was home soon after that. 
  • We did school and finished before lunch.  Anderson has been working on Reagan's reading book and he slowly read (very slowly) this story: A ram has a hat.  That raT can not see.   
  • Sometime during the day, Graham ran up to me and asked "when are you going to clean the bathrooms again?"  I took that quite personally since I did clean them Wednesday-although my cleaning skills are probably not that great.  I looked around the bathrooms to try to find what specifically he was talking about but couldn't-maybe I might should clean them tomorrow. 
  • This afternoon, Reagan, Anderson and Graham watched a movie while Campbell had a nap.  I had grand plans of holding a sleepy Keaton for a few minutes during naptime and possibly resting for a bit.  But Graham came and sat beside me and asked me a zillion questions-I tried to get him to lay down near me but had no luck.
  • Graham had asked to go outside and my hope was that the block delivery would come while we were out so we put  on our outside clothes and woke Campbell up.  I started raking and Campbell sat on my tarp to hold it down, Keaton watched from the stroller and Reagan, Anderson and Graham played frisbee.  The neighbor came over for awhile and more playing happened-dirt, swing and even a little bit of yard work. Imagine how hard it is to finish raking with 4 helpers (using one of our rakes, a hoe, a garden rake which was mostly used upside down and one other rake)  We are lucky we were able to get anything done!  
  • Everyone had a quick shower and then BBQ for supper.  The kids even had popcorn and watched a movie or two before bed.  Graham and Campbell were pretty tired so they came upstairs before the others.
  • Tonight, Graham called me back upstairs to ask me a very important question-what is 100 plus 8?  I walked up the stairs for that!!  "Aw, man" as Campbell would say (and she has been saying multiple times today)

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