March 12, 2012

No one is cooler than us!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • Graham joined us pretty early last night.  I think everyone was sleeping happily until Keaton woke up at 5 and I realized that I couldn't find Robby.  Eventually I figured that he had gone up and claimed Graham's bed.  Pretty good trade off because when Graham and I woke up Anderson, Reagan and Campbell were already dressed and ready.
  • As Robby walked out the door with Reagan and Anderson, the terminix lady walked in.  I knew she was in the house and I had just been in a closet and hoped that I didn't scare her while I was in there.  I walked away and forgot something from that closet and returned.  Then just as I turned the corner the terminix lady walked out and my heart stopped!  I think I might have even let out a yelp!
  • Pretty early this morning, I emptied the clean laundry on my bed and then turned to walk out of the room.  I looked directly at Graham and used my mommy voice and told him to not get on top of my laundry pile.  He then said "what if Jesus tells me to?"  Seriously?  That is pretty much how my day went with Graham!
  • Keaton had her doctor's appointment this morning.  The first few height measurements Keaton shrunk but finally Martin did one were she grew a bit (25 inches).  Her weight is 15 pounds and 12 ounces in the 58th percentile.  And of course her head is in the 95th percentile.  Keaton did great during her first shot but started to cry after her second.
  • Graham and Campbell were with me and they both did very good.  Graham did his best to take care of Campbell and then they were both concerned about Keaton and if she was okay after her shots.
  • Back at home, we did a few chores and Campbell and Graham went outside for a bit.  Before too long, Anderson was home (we still just have two cars and the van hasn't returned yet).  Anderson, Graham and Campbell went outside with their new water guns and had a blast.  I made them stay on the patio and before too long all 3 of them had their shirts off.  And a few minutes later, Graham was absolutely naked.   They did this most of the afternoon and before too long Robby was home and we were heading to soccer.
  • Oh, Reagan was picked up by Nonna.  Before school, Reagan said that she wished I was picking her up so we could use Beebee's money (that she gave us last week) to get a slushie.  I let Nonna in on this and when I saw Reagan she said "I didn't even have to ask Nonna for a slushie, she just asked if I was thirsty and we got one."  This made that child so happy.
  • Anderson and Reagan are going to be able to do upward soccer this year and tonight were try outs.  We picked their shirt and short sizes and then they ran a few drills-running 10 yards, 20 yards, dribbling the soccer ball, kicking in the goal and then dribbling the ball and then kicking it in a goal.  My 2 star athletes did great (but I promise I won't be one of THOSE parents and we already saw a few tonight).  Anderson had been so excited about this all day long.  He wanted to know if they were going to get their jersey tonight.  
  • Our caravan made it home and I changed clothes and went out the door for Bunko.  Robby fed the kids and Graham was exhausted.  This is not surprising because he had pretty much screamed all afternoon-mostly because I was not going to get a bin of water toys out of the shed so they could find their Incredible Hulk water guns and when I told his that I was not going to ask their daddy to come home and do it either he lost it.  If the plumber man had not been working right outside my door, Graham would have a very, very sore bottom right now.
  • Everyone was asleep but now Graham is restless-he gets this way some time at night.  He just cries out and is semi awake.  Hopefully the poor thing will calm down soon so everyone else can get some sleep.

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