March 30, 2012

The only one wide awake!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Keaton was still asleep as everyone else was finishing their breakfasts.  We had emptied out our closet last night preparing for some work to be done in their due to the addition and Keaton must have liked it because she slept until 8:30ish.  I was about ready to go and check on her but heard her screaming.  I fed her during school and she was more than happy to sit around and watch the chaos!
  • As I was setting in the school room today holding Keaton who was having a bottle and holding Campbell who was fussing, while tying knots on Reagan's quilt and listening to Anderson read his reading book and fielding questions from Reagan about her work-I wondered how close I was to going crazy!  Seriously, we always hear about pilot's going crazy but we never hear about moms going nuts!  Ha!  Actually, even though things are often crazy, I know it will be too soon that my house will be too quiet.  
  • But for now things are crazy and often funny-Campbell was sitting at her school desk happily coloring when she started showing me her picture and shouting something.  Then I realized she was saying "Angry Bird"-she had drawn an Angry Bird and was so pleased with her work.  This of course caused Reagan, Anderson and Graham who were all sitting in their seats to get up and come see what Campbell had done.
  • Anderson is coming right along with his reading.  His story today was "A little fish sat on the fat fish.  The little fish said "wow!"  The little fish was not sad.  The fat fish was mom."  He was able to read it all without help.  And Graham saw the letter O today and named it and even said what letter it was.  That is big time stuff for him.  My goal a few months ago was for him to learn to spell his name.  He is pretty close (G-R-H-A-M) and I will take that! 
  • I had to run to Sams and to work for chart day and first asked Nonna to ride with me and just let the kids watch a movie in the car since I felt bad about trashing her house another day this week.  She offered to let them stay and I took her up on it.  I was a bit afraid that updating my charts might take a few minutes but I breezed through it this time.  When I came back the kids wanted to take a walk-we walked to the end of Nonna and Pops' street which seemed much shorter now that I am a grownup.  I showed them the house that my great aunt and great uncle used to live in and Anderson said "I am sorry that they moved" and then I had to explain that they had died a long, long time ago.  Later I realized he was saying that he was sorry they had moved because he was sorry that we weren't able to stop in and them give us a moon pie or cracker jacks like they did when I was little.  
  • On the way back to Nonna's house, we found some of those helicopter type seeds and played with those for awhile in the middle of the street.  Keaton and Nonna had gone down the street to see a neighbor and Nonna said that Keaton put on a show and even spit up all over the neighbor.  
  • We made it back home and Campbell was asleep so I put her to bed.  The others were playing perfectly in the toy room so I put Keaton in there with a bucket of her toys.  I was in the hallway folding laundry-lining it all up against the wall in to tens of different piles.  It was time for the cabinet man to come and take a look at things and I lectured the kids that they were not to come in the addition nor were they to ask me for anything like a snack while I was talking to a grown up.  I neglected to take Keaton with me.  About 30 minutes later when I noticed the kids were all out playing and then I remembered Keaton-she was not happy but she was still sitting up.  Poor thing was exhausted and left all alone sitting up!  
  • Kennedy joined the kids and they were all off butterfly catching again.  I can't explain how many butterflies we have here-currently I have at least 6 in a butterfly cage on a bench out front.  So imagine how many are fluttering around if the kids were able to catch that many.  Kennedy stayed with us and played until we all loaded up to go to Larry's pizza.  
  • Tonight we had the best seat at Larrys-right in front of the game room.  Not too many years ago I would have dreaded sitting right in front of the game room but now it is the best seat in the house.  The kids can go in that little game room and we can keep our eye on the door while happily (and quietly) eating our pizza.  Reagan won over 160 tickets tonight-she was on fire.  Maybe we should have had her pick out some lucky numbers for the lottery tonight!  She did save her 100 of her tickets only buying a ring pop.  Robby only spent about 10 dollars on games and we left with probably 89 cents in candy so that was pretty good!  Reagan has been saving her Larry's tickets because she wants some type of light that is there-we have seen one at Lowes and I have assured her that if she puts it on her birthday list she could get it from someone.  Otherwise was are still about 600 points short!  
  • Jodee has been raving about these gas station milk shakes so we drove to Maumelle to get us one.  Oh and since Kennedy was with us we were in two cars.  I didn't really trust Robby to save me some if he went solo and I wouldn't stop at the gas station by myself so the trip to take Kennedy home required two cars.  It was a good shake and we even stopped at Walgreens to use a coupon.  By the time we made it home, Graham was asleep and Keaton had had her power nap and was ready to play!
  • So today was one of those days that I thought nothing about the camera until bedtime.  I hollered down at Robby to bring up the camera and he remembered to bring the Easter eggs but forgot the camera.  By the time I thought about it again, everyone (but Keaton) was sound asleep.  So I took a few pictures-Campbell must be covered up in one of Keaton's baby blankets to go to sleep and her toes do usually hang out the bottom.  Reagan will not cover up unless she is using one of Campbell's baby blankets and her feet will also hang out.  I usually cover her up when I go to bed at night.  Graham sleeps wedged between the rail and the mattress.  He will never be able to sleep without a rail.  Anderson hadn't turned yet tonight but he usually turns and lays parallel to his pillow and that is a pretty tight squeeze for my not so little guy!

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