March 7, 2012

Two Dump Trucks!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)   

Just realized - last night's pictures were not posted correctly - here's a link to yesterday's pictures.
  • So last night, Robby had been snoozing on the couch until 11:30 when I decided to wake him up to head to bed.  I laid down beside him and I fell asleep...and then I awoke to a teary eyed Graham.  He must have been upstairs screaming pretty well because his face was red with tears streaming down it.  We were both asleep and didn't hear him-but everyone else upstairs did.  They were all awake when I returned him to bed-Reagan said they finally told him to go downstairs because they were tired of hearing the screaming. 
  • I felt pretty bad about all of this so on our way up the stairs when he said that he was hungry, I made sure that he had a cracker.  I am sure that he told everyone about his cracker once I tucked him back into bed.  
  • After that it was a pretty restful night and everyone slept well.  When Robby left this morning, me and all 5 were sitting on the bed.  Most were playing on our phones and Campbell was busy cheering on Keaton who has started to sit up very well (with a tiny bit of help since she will occasionally face plant)
  • We had breakfast-cinnamon biscuits and then did a bit of housework before starting school.  They all did excellent during school and I couldn't be prouder of Anderson and his reading book progress.  He may even catch on to reading better than Reagan (I have been worried that he would have a harder time but I think that those worries were in vain)
  • After school, the kids played a few games-actually, many, many games all in the floor of the living room.  And then Graham said that words "look, the dump trucks are here."  I started saying "go upstairs, go upstairs" so we could watch the action.  They were all screaming, running and pieces of those games went flying around.   I was halfway upstairs when I realized I had forgotten the camera and ran back down to grab it.  Poor Campbell was wondering around in the kitchen wondering what had just happened and I grabbed her by the arm and drug her up the steps.  When we made it, Anderson was at the window crying.  I asked why he was crying and he said he thought I would miss seeing the trucks.  Fortunately, I made it just in time.  
  • After all of that excitement, we had lunch-edemame, green beans, chicken nuggets and slice and bake cookies-practically a feast compared to what our usual quick lunch consists of.  The kids all then went back to playing their games.  At one point, they were playing the DVD Candyland game and were walking in a circle around Keaton in the exersaucer-she loved it.
  • Then it was nap time for Keaton and Campbell.  Reagan colored and Graham stayed mainly by me watching what I was doing.  Anderson watched a cartoon series of Star Trek-I know this makes Uncle Jason very proud!  Before too long it was time to get ready to go and see Beebee.  
  • I have to start getting things ready at 3:!5 and then everyone had to start  moving at 3:30.  This crazy afternoon process is timed perfectly so we can be getting in the car precisely at 4 right after I get the corn dogs out of the microwave.  Supper at 4...that is why we have to have a Wednesday night snack.
  • The kids were good at Beebees.   Anderson doesn't want to talk but is so intrigued by her make up mirror.  He did give her a hug when it was time to go.  Reagan is Miss Mature and speaks when spoken to.  Graham was pretty talkative today but was a bit on the louder side (not bad though) which I am sure Beebee's roommate didn't like.  Oh, well hopefully Beebee will be moving out next week and can join Papaw.  I did put Keaton in Beebee's lap today and that girl put on a show.  She smiled. cooed and even tried to grab her face.  Sweet baby!
  • Speaking of Keaton, everyone week another lady near me during Cubbies gets Keaton out and feeds her and holds her.  Last week and again this week, Keaton would have nothing to do with her.  It was a pitiful, pitiful cry.  She would look at me and whimper-separation anxiety already?
  • Reagan finished her extra credit book tonight at Sparks and received a Sparky of the month award (at least I think that is what she said).  She was quite pleased but mostly pleased because she had two new pins for her vest.  Pinning her pins on made me think about when we had those blue jean jackets with lots of pins on them-oh, she would love that.
  • So tonight as we were picking up Graham someone came up to us to tell us about him on Sunday.  They said they were trying to get him to tell the name of his baby sister.  They would ask and he would reply "banana" or "monkey" or something silly.  Later they asked where his sister slept and he didn't miss a beat when he said "outside with the dog."  
  • And 2 minutes later, Graham's Cubbie teachers said that he leaned over to another boy during games and said "I bet my Dad can spank harder than your dad!"  

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