March 26, 2012

Future President!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Graham had spent the night at Grannymom's house and, if I believe my 3 year old, had cake for supper, breakfast and lunch.  Since Reagan and Anderson were at school, it was just me, Campbell and Keaton this morning.  And if I have ever thought that Graham was my talker I was wrong.  Campbell talked and talked and talked.
  • For example, while I was folding clothes she was standing on the massage chair.  When she turned it on she was a bit surprised.  Then she looked at the chair and shouted "that man hit me."  Then she said "I hit that man back" as she pounded the chair with her fist.  There were no fits this morning only lots and lots of talking.
  • I made a phone call to RSVP to an Easter party for Campbell and she overheard this.  When I hung up she said "me shoes on? party?"  That little girl was ready to go and party-oh, she will be so excited to get to go to a party since usually this parties she goes to are really for one of the big kids.
  • Keaton seemed to enjoy the quieter house this morning as well.  She fell asleep in the floor upstairs as I had tubs and tubs of Reagan's summer clothes strewn about the room.  Keaton also is really liking her cereal-and when I put applesauce in it for breakfast and yogurt for supper-she gobbled it down.
  • Nonna picked up Anderson and he was pretty excited but was very excited about getting to help Pops till the garden.  He also played outside a bit, had lunch and a few snacks and worked really hard on an obstacle course.  And they even found a tv station that had all kinds of races-monster truck, cars, motorcycles-a little boys dream.
  • Robby picked up Graham from Grannymoms and had spent most of the morning playing ball.  When he made it home, he was pretty tired.  After following me, Robby, Jodee and the electrician around for a bit, he turned on a movie and fell asleep.  He was one tired little boy and was pretty tired tonight as well.
  • I picked up Reagan and then Anderson.  Ms. Mary was at Nonna's house and tonight Anderson asked me if she could come over to our house tomorrow.  I guess he really enjoyed her visit.  At home, everyone headed back outside to watch Robby use his new toy-a leaf picker upper type thing.  It worked pretty well and Robby used it until it was dark.
  • Anderson was ready for some yard work tonight-he got his outside shoes on, put on his tractor supply store hat and took off his shirt.  And then he was ready to work (briefly).  I thought it was funny when he was calling Robby "Rob" but now he has taken to calling him "D"  "Let's go D!" "You coming D?"  Those are the things I want to remember.  Like last night when Reagan and Campbell were running through the yard holding hands-I want to remember those I made them do it again after I had my camera-that still counts doesn't it?
  • Meanwhile, the kids picked more caterpillars, swang, played with Nonna and Pops who stopped by to see everything, painted pictures outside, pushed the wagon, had a popsicle and played until after dark.  Graham learned how to pump the swing all by himself (though he still needs to have a push to get started) but he did thiis most of the evening long.  We came in after our normal bedtime--I fed the kids supper, washed them and then bedtime.

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