March 4, 2012

Group Picture!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Graham was the first one up and then we went upstairs to go and wake the rest up.  I thought I was waking them up so sweetly when I kept telling them that once they got up we could go downstairs and eat our donuts (white powdered ones are our Sunday staple).  It wasn't that sweet, when we came downstairs and I saw that I only had 3 donuts left.  We usually go through 12-16 on a Sunday morning (just the little ones) so the 3 was not looked upon kindly by the kids.  They did have other options but they weren't nearly as exciting as those donuts would have been.
  • Next up was church and Anderson said that he didn't like big church today because he couldn't see.  That is pretty ironic because today we sat about two rows from the front and we could even see the whites of the choir members eye balls.  But today, of all days, he felt like he couldn't see.  
  • Again this week, they came and moved me to another class during worship care.  That is fine but it makes for a long hour when Robby and I were split up.  Campbell went with me down to the class they moved me to.  She was pretty good but I was very worried that she would try to help but she just wanted to cuddle in my lap with whatever child I was holding.
  • Lunch was at Nonna's house and the highlight for the kids was the chocolate cake.  Anderson told us what dessert was and Robby accused him of peeking.  Anderson said he didn't peek but that he saw the brown-so funny, he though he might have been in trouble.
  • The highlight of my day came when I was holding Keaton and I had her "wrestling" with Campbell.  I guess that I had forgotten that Keaton had just eaten and sure enough-my little spitter did what she does best-spit!  And she spit up all over Campbell's face.  Nonna saw it coming and even saw it hit Campbell.  We all immediately thought that Campbell was going to freak out and started wiping it off of her as fast as we could.  Poor Campbell just sat there stunned and then said "Keaton spit, my face"
  • Back at home, Anderson went outside to find his new friends.  They played in our yard and over on their trampoline. Graham joined in our yard but he hesitates to go in their yard and doesn't think that he can get on their trampoline (despite the chair) but doesn't seem to mind much and is happy as he can be.  And Anderson is so happy to have some big friends-makes me a bit nervous.  I wish that the large, homeschooling, church going family that lived down the street were our neighbors-they live just a bit too far down the road to play.  Robby went outside to rake some more and keep an eye on the boys.  
  • Finally Robby went to the grocery store so the boys came in to watch a movie with Reagan (she really cares nothing about going to play with the boy neighbors).  Then Graham and Campbell had a bath and were both having a blast until Anderson pulled out the green shaving cream type soap and Campbell jumped out of the tub. So Anderson climbed in and they used the entire container of soap (fine with me, I picked up the house from our weekend mess while they played).
  • Then Robby came home with pizza and we ate and then they played for awhile.  Whenever the toy room is picked up, they play so much longer and so much happier in there.  They still can not pick it up well nor keep it clean.  Anyway, tonight we did pick it up before baths so when they were playing, the all 4 played with the race car track and laughed and carried on.  It seems like we always have to stop them when they are playing so well-to leave, to eat or for bedtime.

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