March 24, 2012

How long am I?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Keaton had her bottle again around 5 and she was wide awake and ready to play when I put her back in her bed-ans she was not thrilled about being back in bed so I just let her sleep by me.  By 8, Robby was working in the backyard and everyone else was still sleeping.  Soon Campbell woke up followed later by Anderson.  Of course when they both climbed in my bed Keaton woke up to join the party.
  • Reagan had spent the night at Kennedy's house and stayed up pretty late.  She even came home talking about the Little Pet Shop pets that Kennedy gave her.  I asked if Kennedy's mom said she could and she told me yes and late tonight I emptied her bag and Kennedy had given her alot!  I better double check this transaction with Kennedy's mom.  
  • Graham spent the night with Grannymom and he really didn't get over there until pretty late and then they had to wake up early to go to Dana's for Grandpa to build some shelves.  Apparently he didn't think he had enough time at Grannymom's house so he is getting to spend tomorrow night over there for a do-over.  He asked me and I quickly told him that Grannymom needed to ask me (thinking he was making it all up).  Then he was so exasperated as he said "she told me to ask you!"
  • We worked in the yard all day and the plan was the pick up the work site a bit and start filling that dumpster-we didn't even get around to it!  Robby cleared some more in the back, tried to start the burn pile which is getting huge but is still wet, Grannymom raked some on the upper part of the yard, Grandpa worked on Robby's chain saws and tried to straighten up the playhouse.  I helped Robby some but I mostly child wrangled.  Today's broken rake count: 2! (one had been broken already and finally met its demise and another was backed into by the tractor).  We both received a rake for Christmas this past year but this year all we will need to ask for will be rakes-we have broken at least 5 since we have been out here!
  • I fixed lunch for the workers-edamame, popcorn chicken and mashed potatoes-and then passed out popsicles to all.  Keaton loved her popsicle the most and just smacked her lips-she really didn't have her own but did share with me.
  • Then I washed Campbell and she had a brief nap, I washed the boys and then we loaded up to get Reagan.  Of course on the way we stopped for a quick Sonic drink and then poked around Jodee's house looking at her showers and closets.  Reagan was so excited to see us that she hid under the bed!
  • We then went to Lowe's to browse-it is a pretty big store to expect all 5 kids to make it through without a scene.  We did pretty well-Keaton spit up all over me, we had 2 bathrooms trips, we knocked down a stack of buckets, Keaton screamed for her bottle and Campbell laid on the floor and had a fit at least twice!  I actually think the trip to Lowes went pretty smoothly though!
  • Then we ate at Texas Roadhouse-I like eating at places like that because there are rolls there from the moment we sit down.  Of course when Campbell had eaten her fill of rolls, she tried to get up while saying "all done."  I guess she was ready to be excused from the table and leave-unfortunately she had to wait for us to get  our food before we could leave!
  • Reagan was almost falling asleep on the way home but we managed to keep everyone awake until we made it in the house.  This was one of those nights that after we left their rooms we heard no sounds on the monitor-I love nights like that!

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