March 20, 2012

Everyone deserves some ice cream sometimes!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • So today has felt a bit like a comedy show.  The air compressor plugged in by our back door continually throws the circuit causing havoc outside.  Their saws, guns and my framers all stop working.  This isn't a good thing!  If it is quiet in the house (ha, ha) I can hear it when it pops off.  Most of the time today I have heard it but it seems to do it only when I reach the top of the stairs, just sit down upstairs to fold laundry or am trying to put the baby down.
  • After yesterday when the kids watched the work for so long, they don't really care that much today.  We did school, they played train track, Mr. Potato Head, watched a few movies and played a few games.  Reagan did glance outside her bedroom window and say "people are going to think that our house is a hotel cause its so big."  And I am going to feel like I am a hotel maid because it is so big.
  • My Graham did sit down in the front yard and watch the work for so long today that I thought he had gone to sleep.  He was taking it all in.  And another Graham happening-I was getting on to Campbell (I don't even remember about what) and I guess I said "why did you do that?"  Graham looked at her all serious and said "did Jesus make you do it?"
  • So tonight when Robby got home it was pouring.  We turned on a movie to appease the kids and we went to work outside in the wet, wet addition.  Anyway, Robby locked the door behind him and we were happily working away.  We were getting drenched in the house and then we heard "Daddy?"  We looked up and the door was still closed but Campbell Ruth was crawling through the window.  She had put on her rain boots, opened the front door, walked down the sidewalk in the pouring rain and then climbed in the window.  That little girl is too smart for her own good. She was drenched-like I wish that I had my camera-her standing there in those froggy rainboots soaked from head to toe all proud of herself.  
  • Campbell and Keaton seem to have the goopy eye stuff right now.  Last night Keaton's eye was all matted shut but better today.  They both still have a bit of it-so at one time or another today one of them looked a bit like they were winking!
  • It was pretty late when we headed out to eat tonight.  We took the kids to McDonalds though we really should have dropped at least one of them off at the pound!  Anyway, there were other people there when we arrived but soon they all left and the kids had the play place to themselves.  It was so nice and they were perfect-everytime that Robby came in with food, they all sat down and ate.  They ate even though they had a few distractions-one little boy just stood by our table and watched them eat.  He was standing close enough that Campbell put her hand up so he couldn't grab her food.  I tried to tell him that my kids needed to eat and they could play in just a minute but I don't think he understood me.  And his buddy just kept saying "that's a lot of kids" and "they have lots of kids in that family."
  • Next up, I ran in the grocery store and did some speed shopping.  I was huffing and puffing up and down the aisles as I pushed the cart.  By the time I had finished it was so heavy I could hardly push it.  Robby hung out in the car with the kids and I was moving along quite well until I realized all that I had to pay with was my good looks (ha ha!)  I parked my buggy, laid my coupons on top and Robby and I switched spots so he could pay.  
  • We made it home and Graham was asleep in the car.  Everyone managed to get into bed without too much of an ordeal-they were all pretty tired tonight.  Campbell turned her head before I could leave the room and Anderson's eyes were closing as I was trying to tell him good night.  Graham did call me upstairs to find out what Robby was going to do in the morning.

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