March 27, 2012

Supper outside!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Another school day and another day we had to wake the kids up.  Keaton did wake up in plenty of time for school this morning but that was probably because she was excited about this being her half birthday.  6 months old today!  We celebrated by giving her a bottle, changing her diaper and putting her back to bed for another hour or two.
  • Robby took the boys to school and Ms. Wendolyn wasn't at school yet so Ms. Lisa was filling in.  According to Graham (remember he is 3), his teacher got sick on the way to school and he went to Anderson's class.  That part is true and he did spend some of the morning in Ms. Stacy's class with Anderson.  Robby said that they gave each other a huge hug when they went to their separate way to classes this morning so I am sure that they were excited to be in the same class.  
  • I asked them each if the other obeyed and they said they did.  Graham even said that Anderson looked at Ms. Stacy the first time she said to.  He also added that he made a book all by himself in her class and Anderson wrote his name on it for him.  Sweet brothers!  So why were they throwing dirt on each other today at home?  At least they take care of each other out in public!
  • Campbell, Reagan and Keaton spent the morning with Nonna and Pops.  They spent most of the day hiding Easter eggs in the back yard.  At first Campbell wasn't too sure what was going on but she soon caught on.  And she really got the hang of it after Reagan started putting candy in the eggs.
  • I picked up the boys and dropped them off at Nonna's house and picked up Reagan and Keaton and headed out to meet Robby and Jodee to pick out tile and carpet (much easier than picking out lights).  Kennedy was there so Reagan and her tried to smash each other in the carpet samples, raided the candy vending machine and sat beside each other playing games on the phone.
  • When we made it back to Nonna's to pick up everyone, Campbell and Pops were snoozing in the chair.  Pops was enjoying having sweet (when she's asleep) Campbell cuddling with him so he offered to keep her there until she woke up.  And sleep they did-until almost 5.  Pops brought her home on his way to tuck in Beebee and Papaw.
  • By then we were all outside, Robby was burning his burn pile and mowing a bit.  The boys were in the dirt pile and Reagan was helping me plant a few trees.  We had baked potatoes for supper and then cut the boys hair before coming in.  At night it always seems to be rushed, I guess we should come in earlier because by the time we shower and brush teeth we are always rushing the kids.  Wednesdays used to be our late night because of Awana but now even though we are going to still be home later because of Awana, we will still be in earlier than our working in the yard nights!

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