March 16, 2012

Visiting Beebee and Papaw
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • I heard Campbell through the monitor around 3 last night.  She was trying to tell me that Anderson was calling for me-Anderson who was in the toy room sleeping-so he must have been pretty loud.  As I came up the stairs, he was coming out of the bathroom and said that his pants got wet but he didn't potty in them.  I just smiled and thought silently that yes, that will happen when you drink a grown up sized water bottle before bed.
  • I got him settled back down and then I stayed awake for over an hour-let's see, I planned school for Reagan up through the 3rd grade, figured how much money it would cost for my work buddy to redo my neighbors house, checked facebook and browsed pinterest.  I was about ready to get up and do something productive when I fell back asleep.
  • The boys were the first ones up and came to our bed for a bit and then I went upstairs and we woke Campbell up.  Sometime while those 3 were getting ready, Kennedy and Reagan woke up.  Everyone moved pretty quickly since we had donuts downstairs and were heading to the zoo today.  This morning when Robby told me that it was raining, I thought oh, the framers can't come and didn't even think about not being able to go to the zoo-that would have been awful.  
  • But it cleared up and we were at the zoo just about when it opened.  The first thing we saw was the snake and then I had brought quarters for everyone to feed the fish-this was like Christmas for my Dennie kids.  Campbell really had the most fun doing this and would jump up and down every time.  Though seconds later, she was clawing me as she climbed up into my arms after seeing the monkey swinging overhead.  
  • Next up were the penguins and there was one swimming.  The kids all chased it from window to window and said they were paying tag with it.  Campbell saw that penguin and shouted "whale" and I guess to her that black and white swimming thing did look like Shamu.  Later today, Anderson clarified for us that Campbell should have known it was a penguin because whales do not have beaks or feet.  I had assumed that she would have known the difference between them because of the 4000 pound difference not the beak!
  • We couldn't see the elephants at first, the bears were all hibernating, the zebras were too far away, the rhino is probably imaginary since I have never seen him, the giraffes didn't come near but we still had a great time.  At 9:30 they wanted a snack and by 10:30 everyone was famished so I had to pull out our sandwiches.  We ate and then quickly finished the zoo and met Kennedy's mom at the front gate.  I went ahead and snuck my crew out so we could go and see Beebee and Papaw.
  • Beebee and Papaw are back together again in the same place.  I had never been there but the kids all had and they were so pleased with themselves to show me exactly where to go.  Hank was there for a bit and ran to get them lunch.  The kids talked about the zoo and were all delighted when Papaw gave them money.  They asked if we could go to Sonic and we did even though it wasn't happy hour!  I may have to ask for me some money too next time! Ha!
  • We made it home and our framers weren't there yet and within a few minutes, Robby was there.  We all hung out until Reagan finally begged us to go outside even though they weren't here yet.  And I couldn't say no because she was planning on doing school outside.  We walked out the door and the first of 5 cars of framers drove up.  She managed to get some school finished but we spend most of the day watching them put walls up as fast as a child stacks blocks.
  • Poor Campbell, at Beebee's place she started laying her head down and acting sleepy and by the time I got her in the van she might have felt a bit warm.  At home, she just laid in the floor with Robby and finally we put her down for her nap and she snoozed until I finally woke her up after 5.  She was still a bit warm and I hate her being sick but she was the sweetest, most well behaved and huggy little girl tonight.  
  • After the framers left, we picked up a bit and then headed out to eat.  We ate at Cantina Laredo and since we told the kids that Yogurt Mountain was next if everyone behaved, we had 5 perfect children eating with us.  At the yogurt place, they were all still perfect and exhausted when we came home.   

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