March 13, 2012

Peaceful Sleep!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Tattling-everyone seems to tattle around here and Campbell had even gotten in on the act.  This morning as I walked into their room Campbell started saying "Graham out of bed"-that little stinker already telling on her brother.  But since it was after 7 and the boy was putting on underwear, it was fine with me that he was out of bed.
  • Robby took the boys and I took the girls.  Anderson was thrilled that he received a bag of dinosaur gummies at school today.  They have been talking about dinosaurs and he has loved it.  Graham's class is talking about transportation and he asked when he was going to talk about dinosaurs and Anderson said "we all are different buddy"
  • I picked up the boys and we drove to Nonna and Pops house.  I am still in Robby's car and no our van is not fixed yet.  Seriously, it will probably have been cheaper to just but a new one! Anyway, I let the boys ride there with the windows down and they were pretty thrilled about that.  So thrilled in fact that as we were in Pops' driveway, Anderson just opened the door ready to get out.  I was still zooming down their driveway-I slammed on the brakes and gave him a stern lecture but next time I drive that car I will make sure the doors are locked.
  • This just popped into my mind-I don' t know if I mentioned before Christmas that we received a letter from the IRS saying we owed around 10,000.  Of course, Robby ruined a pair of pants when he read that letter.  He figured out what had caused the mistakes (our stocks were reported wrong by our broker) and submitted the information.  Of course, you still have a concern that maybe you really are in the wrong.  Anyway, he was surprised this week when he received their reply saying that they in fact owed us some money.  Not a lot but still good news.
  • We had lunch and then it was time too head home.  Since I couldn't strap 2 car seats on top of the car, Nonna and Pops delivered the boys.  The plumber man was still here so the kids enjoyed watching him off and on all afternoon long.  I did let them play again outside with their water gun.
  • Soon enough it was time for school and everyone did fairly well-Keaton and Campbell were sleeping.  Some days are just easy at school and others are not.  Usually when we do school in the afternoons things don't go too well but today all was good.  Reagan struggled with holding her pencil the correct way and if I mention it she immediately gets an attitude with me.  That too shall pass.
  • When Robby was almost home, I called him so I could tell him about the day in peace-I was feeding Keaton at the time and the other children might have been on the back patio with the door locked.  He made it home and we looked at the plumbing job (looked good to us!) and then had our chicken spaghetti supper.
  • Then the kids watched one short tv show and then we put them into bed.  Campbell was the one who was wide awake tonight and we heard her continuously asking "Rearea where are you?"  

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