March 19, 2012

How 'bout a
little spaghetti

with your bread?
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • First thing-look at the amount of pictures that were taken today.  The poor kids got the short end of the stick today with fewer pictures.  Can you tell what Robby is excited about?  So look at that new addition, it is certainly coming together.  Notice my huge windows in the little mudroom and apparently the bonus room is going to be huge-like bigger than the kids bedroom now.  And a garage, the kids even enjoyed it tonight riding bikes in there.
  • The kids woke up about the same time that the workers arrived here.  We had breakfast upstairs watching them work on the second floor, we did laundry upstairs while watching them work, we organized a few bins of clothes while watching them work, then we moved outside and did school while watching them work, ate lunch while watching them work, swang while watching them work and even just stood around and watched the workers work.  Things should slow down during the rain in the next few days so I don't know what we will do-will be kind of lonely around here without my workers.
  • Keaton loved laying on the blanket outside this morning and Campbell can get filthy in just minutes outside-I just don't get it.  She has started something new-screaming at the top of her lungs if she doesn't get her way.  I can pretty well ignore her but she just looks pitiful with tears streaming down her big red face.
  • Robby came home a bit early and Graham stayed outside with him while Robby took his turn at watching the workers work.  Graham talked and talked and talked to Robby.  He is so funny, we he has your undivided attention he can talk and talk.  The other day, he and I were talking about him getting married when he gets big.  I told him he would have to find a wife that loved Jesus and she would be a good wife.  And he said "cause you don't want a bad wife"-pretty insightful!
  • The workers left around 4 or a bit after and we started sweeping.  We cleaned for awhile and then let the kids ride their bikes in the garage.  This was the highlight of their day.  We also went for another tour of the house.  All but one was very cautious upstairs and wouldn't get near the edge at all-guess who was my daredevil?  Campbell-I don't think she even understood how high she was up.  We all made it down safely and then came in to eat spaghetti for supper.  
  • The kids then helped with the laundry and soon it was time for bed.  Another good, good day.

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