March 8, 2012

Glad they love each other...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • This morning when Robby went upstairs to help get the kids dressed, Reagan was in the floor helping Graham get his clothes on.  Isn't that sweet.  Much improved from yesterday when she was asking me when she could get a credit card.
  • I then fought the rain and took all 5 kids to Grannymom's house.  The boys were out of school today for parent-teacher conferences (more on that later).  They had breakfast there (even though they had breakfast at home) and then they decorated cupcakes.  Reagan and Anderson said that was their favorite part of the day.  
  • Apparently when Robby picked them up this afternoon, they were a little rowdy and were told that they would not get to do the airplane tonight.  Hopefully they were pretty good most of the day though.  Keaton was good at Grannymom's house-as long as she was being held.  She did take a brief 30 minute nap which turned out to be great for me since she slept all afternoon long.
  • So back to parent-teacher conferences.  We will start with Graham....Ms. Wyndelyn said that he needs to work on naming black and brown, naming triangle and rectangle, putting on his coat, drying his hands and turn taking.  He had all C's and just a few E's.  (C's being good, E is for emerging and N is for not something or the other).  Ms. Wyndolyn said that he was always very good and listened well.  She said that he goes from center to center and brings life to the room (sounds good, right?)  Also said that one day he saw him walking up behind a little girl seated reading a book. He had his fingers ready to thump the girl and she quickly called his name.  He put his hands behind his back, flashed his huge smile and walked away.  She also said that she could tell he was all boy but he showed good self control (also sounds good).
  • On to Anderson's conference.  Ms. Stacey gave Anderson all C's except for walking on a balance beam and I will certainly take that.  She was pleased with his behavior and said that he always comes and does what she asks when she asks him.  Then as soon as he is done, he will ask her if he can get up.  He always participates and is helpful in class.  She showed me his pictures-in one his was thankful for Reagan and in another he said that his best friend was Reagan.  And then she said that when recess is over Graham and Anderson will hug and hug each other.  Also she said that Anderson is very protective of his brother and if someone takes something from him he will let her know.  How sweet!  
  • When we all made it home this afternoon, Keaton and Campbell had their naps, the boys played with trucks in my bed and then joined Reagan and me for school.  Lately, I feel like school has been really going well-and now it is almost summer!  It just took us about 8 months to get in a routine.  
  • At the end of school, the kids pulled out the little perler beads. (Those are the little beads that you put on a form and then iron to melt them together).  They are tiny and tedious and Reagan and Anderson spent well over an hour working on them.  Graham tried but they are just too small for him and he was so easily distracted by Reagan. 
  • They did spend alot of their time hugging each other while shouting "I'm sorry"  I don't have a clue why they were doing that but it involved lots of screaming, fake crying and then lots of laughing hysterical laughter.  Whatever kept them happy-and that also involved them spilling hundreds of those tiny beads on the floor.  Hundreds, I say! 
  • After supper, they even went back and worked some more.  Finally it was time for bed.  Robby cleaned up the school room while we worked on the toy room.  Tonight when it was bedtime, Campbell went to bed happily wearing her new barrette from Grannymom, her bracelet that she made the other day and her pretty painted toes (she is still so proud of them)-that girl just cracks me up!

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