March 21, 2012

Graham loves his Nonna!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • What a rainy, rainy day it was.  I think I liked it because the kids were so mellow.  Very, mellow.  We had breakfast and even did a bit of school.  I let the boys slide today and didn't really do much with them and was helping Reagan.  Yesterday, she took at least an hour to do her normal 2 pages of math.  Today she breezed right through them along with all of her other work.  Maybe she heard me say that what she didn't finish before Nonna's house that she would finish after.
  • And yes, we are doing school this week even though it is Spring Break.  We aren't working too hard as we usually don't.  But I figured this was probably our only year that I could get away with doing school this week.  And since next week we start doing a bit with each of the 12 states that we will drive through at the end of May, I felt like we should press on with our regular stuff.  (And I am really trying to get my Anderson ahead in his reading book and want Reagan to press on in her math book).
  • I had lunch with Robby while the kids played with Nonna.  I think they were pretty good except Nonna did mention one incident.  Graham and Reagan got into it about something and Graham kicked Reagan.  Well Reagan kicked him right back.  Then Graham walked away and just fussed and fussed.  Then along came Campbell and she felt the need to kick that boy too!  Poor guy but he deserved every bit of it.  
  • After lunch we headed home, Keaton and Campbell had a long nap while the other kids had a "party."  They played tag, danced to some music, had a piece of bubble gum, played hopscotch and had a snack.  Apparently it was quite the party because soon after Graham fell asleep.  
  • Campbell joined us outside working (today she was donning her rainboots, shirt and diaper only).  Soon Nonna and Pops came over to take a tour and Campbell was so happy to get to go upstairs.  At one point she looked at Nonna and said "bathroom, top"-she was giving her own tour saying "here is the bathroom and here is the top of the house."
  • Pops and Nonna played with the boys for a bit and then we all went outside to wave bye.  The kids then had their tour and it was back inside for supper, a bit of playing and eye drop time.  Keaton had a goopy eye the other day and now Campbell's are pretty goopy too and along with her runny nose she just looks pitiful.  I don't think it is pink eye (it's not pink) but really don't know so we might just be calling the doc in the morning.  My eyes itch just thinking about all of it.  
  • Currently, there is quite the discussion about Playtime Pizza going on upstairs.  We saw a commercial about it today on tv and Anderson decided that he wanted to go there for his birthday.  "I am so excited about going to Playtime Pizza but it is going to be a long, long time" (especially since his birthday is in December-gives me plenty of time to take out a loan!)  Anderson and Graham are now discussing how old you have to be to drive the go carts-Anderson says 8 and Graham says 7.  They are both adamant that they are correct despite having not been to Playtime Pizza since they were tiny.
  • Graham later called me up to ask if he would get to play soccer when he is 4.  I said yes (he doesn't get to play this year and misses the cut off by a few months).  I them told him that he would be "so good just like Reagan and Anderson."  He added "I will be so gooder than them!"
  • Keaton is hanging out with me right now on the couch.  Tonight will be her first night not in her bouncy.  I really think at least one of our babies stayed in it until they were 9 months.  Growing up too fast.  The reason she is making the move-when Robby went in last night to get her in the middle of the night, she had set up, then fallen head first to her toes and then apparently wiggled enough that her little head was dangling below the bouncy.  She was fine and in no real danger but won't be sleeping in it anymore over night at least.

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