March 11, 2012

Baby Dedication for Keaton Mae!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)
  • All of the kids weren't asleep until nearly 11 last night-I am not sure if it was 11 before or after we turned the clocks so it could have been 10 or 11.  The girls (Reagan and Lilly) were laying down talking away.  And that is probably the reason they were the last to get up. 
  • The boys were going strong when Campbell called and woke us up.  The boys had slept in the toy room and just woke up and started playing.  While Robby took his shower, I helped 6 put on their Sunday clothes (so nice that everything was already laid out).  And then he did breakfast while I took my shower and then I dressed Keaton.  
  • Next up we loaded up-of course with all 7 we would have to take two cars anyway but not having my van just made things all the more confusing.  But we made it and were able to load and unload when it was not pouring.  
  • On the way to church this morning, I had Keaton, Cash and Anderson with me.  Anderson looked at Keaton and said "aww, she is just so cute, I could eat her up."  Isn't that the sweetest thing.  And then on the way to Grannymom's house Keaton was falling asleep and those two boys were singing quietly to her-Jesus loves me, Itsy bitsy spider, Old McDonald-so sweet.
  • Everyone was very well behaved at church.  Though there was some issue with the offering plate.  Cash dropped his money and this sent the boys on a search for it while Robby held the offering plate.  It seemed like it took forever but they finally found it. 
  • We all had lunch at Grannymom's house and even had oreo delight to celebrate the oreo cookie being 100 years old.  This is our favorite dessert and most of the kids finished off their plates.  The kids played a few rounds of hide and seek which ended with Campbell hiding under the bed.  She did some bathroom business under the bed and then screamed for us until Robby came to get her.  I don't think that she was stuck but I did hear Robby telling her "crawl this way"
  • We then caravaned home and Campbell and Keaton took a nap.  Graham, Reagan and Anderson watched a movie and Graham was soon asleep.  We also snoozed a bit on the couch and then it was time to rush around again and put back on every one's Sunday clothes.  As we were doing this, we looked outside and that beautiful rain had made our yard a mud pit.  That was fine except for Robby had parked in the back trying to make it a bit easier for us to load back up.  He quickly threw on his coat and pulled the car around to the driveway.  He didn't want to find out that he was going to be stuck at the same time that we had to be at church.  He didn't have any problem though.
  • Tonight was baby dedication for Keaton and we had talked and talked about proper behavior with the kids.  This evening involved alot of hurrrying up and waiting.  We did a practice walk through and then the kids had a snack, we pottied up and changed diapers.  We got word that it was time to go at about the same time that Campbell had again done her bathroom business.  I changed her as everyone else lined up in the hallway and I acted like I did not notice the poo on her dress as I quickly wiped it off (thankfully it was a dark dress).  When I made it to the line, Robby had been spit up on and I ran back to get a burp rag.  Seriously, Keaton spits up on his EVERY time he holds her.  And not just a bit, she usually gets him good.  Kind of funny.  
  • So baby dedication went well despite the poo and spit up that we were doning during the service.  The kids did fine-I was briefly worried that Campbell was going to stick her head through the railing and get it stuck but that did not happen.  And luckily it wasn't our child wailing or laying on the ground (so easily could have been our-we probably lucked out because I held Campbell the whole time and kept telling her "do you see Lilly, let me hold you so you can see Cash."
  • After the dedication, they had a reception for everyone and we had cake (though I had been bribing the kids with a cookie all night long).  Then we headed home and the time was so deceptive because it was still daylight.  It did seem like it took forever to get home tonight because it was dark by the time we finally made it home.  Robby picked up supper and the kids ate it (though 3/5 of them were crying through supper-Keaton was not happy, Campbell had a toy taken away and Graham didn't want to wear a pull up at bedtime).  
  • Everyone calmed down (I will soon calm down when I have that bowl of ice cream in my hands) and Reagan and Anderson were asleep before Graham even called us back up there.  I think they will all sleep pretty well tonight-at least I will!

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