March 14, 2012

Happy Pi Day!
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures)

    • It was before 7 that Campbell woke everyone up this morning.  The boys went to play for a bit and then laid quietly in bed with us.  Campbell joined Reagan in bed and they must have laid there for 30 or more minutes.  
    • They were starving so I jumped in the shower before Robby and everyone ate yogurt and frosted flakes this morning.  And then we started on our pie-today was National Pi Day-so we made our pie, watched a video about the  number pi, briefly talked about circles and then I tried to get them to remember that pi is a number.  But when I asked what pi was-someone answered chocolate! 
    • Then we stared school and things were pretty chaotic-like Robby heard Campbell getting a blanket out of our coffee table trunk and then heard her hollering (well it was a muffled holler).  He went to look for her and didn't see her-she had shut herself up in the coffee table.  
    • It was chaotic like I go upstairs and find Anderson and Graham tossing their wet pajamas up to the ceiling while standing in an inch of water.  Campbell was involved in this one too, she was sitting up on the overflowing sink in her diaper.  Robby decided that he would then go to work and said something about not knowing how I do it everyday!  Ha!  
    • We had lunch late because we were distracted by the plumber coming to fill in the holes.  They all stood at the windows and watched them.  Finally they left and we had lunch upstairs in the tent while I read a few stories.  While I was making lunch, they put Keaton who was drinking her milk inside of another tent.  After that we all came downstairs to enjoy our pie.  
    • Next up I let them back outside to play with their water guns for a bit.  I need to find the rest of ours because their arsenal has dwindled down to 2 working guns.  This is quite an issue so Anderson came into get a water bottle-I urged him to drink it but I caught them pouring it down the slide.   I ignored that and played with Keaton a bit.  
    • Then it was time to come in and naptime for Campbell.  Everyone else watched a few movies and Keaton sat in the green chair playing with some beads while I did some work near her.  She sat there for probably 2 hours just as happy as she could be.  
    • Before too long it was time to load up for church and Robby came home to pick us up with the van!  (hallelujah!)  So we all rode to church in style!  We dropped the kids off at their classes expecting an easy night and then I was recruited to be a guide in Anderson's class so that meant that Robby had to fill my secretary.  He then was also recruited to be Cubbie during the puppet show.   
    • Keaton usually stays with us (one less kid to pick up) and Campbell had stayed behind with Robby so she ended up in my class.  She thought she was as big as the other 5 year olds and could pretty much do what they did.  Of course she loved playing on the playground and had both brothers following her around.  (Poor Graham cried when I had to go back in with my class).  Campbell then sat in her chair during listening and storytime.  And when it came time for puppets her eyes were huge, then she covered her ears and then her eyes.  Then she came towards me as fast as she could.  When the show was over, I picked Campbell up and took her to look over the puppet curtain.  She did not want to but she did spot Robby and was all smiles (though she didn't put all of that together)
    • Back at home, everyone had a snack and then went to bed.  They are all sleeping soundly but Keaton is staying up with us and has been holding my pinkie as I have typed the blog. Forgive my errors!

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