March 25, 2012

Just a little yard work...
Highlights from today: (Click here for pictures) 
  • Last night Robby put eye drops in Keaton's eyes and then was unable to find the lid to the eye drops.  We knew she didn't have it but checked in the bed, under the bed, around the bed, in Keaton's dirty clothes, everywhere.  I knew it would show up and it did at 5 this morning while I was feeding Keaton.  It was in the back of her pajamas.  She kept moving and squirming and when I put my hand around her, felt it and took it out she went to sleep instantly.  Poor thing, hopefully it wasn't in her back all night long and had just moved there when I picked her up to feed and change her.
  • About that time Graham cried out and Robby rushed up there so he wouldn't wake anyone else up.  They snoozed for a bit and then Robby came back down.  And within minutes Campbell was fussing so he went back upstairs.  She went back to sleep pretty easily and Robby just spent what was left of the night with Graham in his bed.  It wasn't until the morning that Robby realized Campbell was so upset because her little eyes were matted closed.  Though her eyes are doing much better today and should be all well in the morning.
  • It was Sunday morning so the kids all had donuts for breakfast.  I think the newness and excitement of the Sunday morning donuts are wearing off on them but they were still pleased.  We didn't think we were running late until we made it to church and didn't make it in until after church had started.  
  • We had lunch at Grannymom's house and all of the kids were wired but that was fine since Dana had earlier offered for them to spend the afternoon at her house.  So they headed over there, Grannymom took Keaton over there as well.  We didn't waste much time and headed to Target (Robby bought some clothes, I bought stuff for Easter baskets), then to Home Depot (guess what we bought? rakes!) and then to Sonic for happy hour.  We picked up the kids and they must have been pretty tired because no one fussed about getting in the car.
  • Graham went home with Grannymom to spend the night.  He got a do over since his playtime was limited on Friday.  I was worried that the other kids would notice/care but they didn't seem to notice.  Funny because Graham would have quickly noticed that someone had more turns than he did.  We did get a picture of him and he was enjoying playing Monkey in the Middle (Keep Away) and I assume that he probably had Grannymom and Grandpa playing with him.
  • On our way home, we stopped by the Tractor Supply Store and Robby bought himself another piece of machinery for the yard.  It is still in the box because we ran out of daylight tonight but I will report about it tomorrow.  So when we made it home, Campbell was in the van sleeping.  It was breezy out so I unbuckled her and left the doors all open.  She slept for awhile and I asked Anderson to go and check on her.  We were all working outside and as soon as I said her name, we heard her.  She had climbed out of the car and came and found us-and was so proud of herself.  
  • Reagan and Anderson worked on catching caterpillars all evening long and then they moved to catching worms and frogs.  Campbell was quite the help because she would shout "caterpillar!" no matter what animal she saw!  I fed them supper outside and they ate in the new garage and watched Robby and I pick up the trash piles (and goodness, the workers sure are messy!).
  • Anyway, we all made it in pretty late and everyone had baths and then went to bed.  They were all pretty tired tonight so it was quite up there while I had my cookies for supper! 

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